Time Tested Online Marketing Methods

20 Feb, 2013

Web TrafficNow that we have discussed some of the online marketing basics here and here, its time to talk about the different onlinemarketing methods that online marketers, or website administrators, can use to promote their website and get their message out.  These methods are time tested and are used my a majority of brands and companies worldwide.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of, as the name suggests, optimizing your website so that it will have a higher rank on a Search Engine’s organic search results. There are two main types of SEO, on page optimization and off page optimization. On page SEO entails creating a website that can be easily indexed by search engine spiders while also making sure that the spiders perceive them to be of high quality. On Page SEO factors are things that are entirely in the control of the publisher, some of those factors are your websites content, loading speed, codes and websites design.

While off page SEO are the things that publishers can’t directly control. There are many factors that have an affect on off page SEO. For example, having quality back-links linking into your website from other websites, your website’s reputation and whether or not your website is considered a trusted authority on its topic are all factors that can affect your page rank on search engines. It goes without saying that the higher page rank your website has, the higher it will appear on a search engine’s result page, the more likely your website is clicked on. SEO is a relatively easy art that online businesses need to master, there are also a lot of free guides online that can help you master SEO.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), also known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), is an immediate traffic generating online marketing method. PPC advertising is a form of online advertising that usually appears on search engines and some sponsored websites. This is the main idea behind PPC advertising: the advertiser creates online ads, these ads are usually text-based ads, and then assigns those ads with certain keywords. When somebody searches for the keyword in the search engine, the ad appears and if he / she clicks on the ad a certain amount is deducted from the advertisers account.

So basically you are paying the search engine for clicks. The amount you pay is based on your bid, or the amount you are willing to pay for a click, that can be as low as $.10 per click, or can reach up to over $50 for the keyword “insurance” on Google Adwords. The higher you are willing to bid, the higher position your ad will receive and the more likely it will be clicked on.

There are many different PPC providers; the biggest and most well known of which is Google Adwords. Other providers include Yahoo! Search Marketing and Bing Ads.PPC

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is also known in the offline marketing world as Buzz or word-of-mouth marketing. And the idea behind viral marketing is that if advertisers create original and beneficial content, people will share it with their network of contacts and then those contacts will in turn, share it with their own contacts and so on. Which will result in that content spreading like a virus, hence the name viral marketing.

With the rise of social media, it has become much easier to share contact with your friends and acquaintances. This means that there is a huge opportunity for marketers to take advantage of. This original content can be anything from funny videos and pictures to articles to games.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is an online marketing method carried on through an affiliate network. Affiliate programs have four main shareholders: the advertiser, the publisher (otherwise known as the affiliate), the affiliate network and Internet users. The idea is that affiliates allow advertisers to place their ads, banners, links and other advertising material on the affiliate’s web pages. While the affiliate gets paid depending on the agreement between them and the advertiser, for example, an affiliate can be paid per click, per sale, or per lead. While the affiliate network is the medium through which advertisers can pick and choose the publishers they want to work with, while also being responsible for the payment of the publisher, after a click, sale or lead.

The advertising materials that advertisers can put on publisher’s site differ from publisher to publisher and from affiliate network to affiliate network. Some publishers might allow advertisers to place text or images on their website. While others might only allow regular banners, while others still, might allow advertisers to create a shopping page on the publisher’s site. Affiliate programs can be highly effective and profitable for both publishers and advertisers if carried out correctly.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a marketing method that utilizes emails to reach customers. Considering that email marketing isn’t costly, its a popular marketing method and if done correctly, can be very effective. Email marketing can be utilized in a variety of shapes and forms; for example, it can be a promotional message that announces a new offer. Email marketing can also take shape of an online newsletter, the goal of which is to develop a long-term relationship with customers. Advertisers can also place ads on third party online newsletters.

I feel its important to mention that the key to a successful email marketing campaign, is to have your customers and users agree to receive your emails. Or in other words, they should give you the permission to email them marketing material; otherwise they will just discard it as spam.

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