Al-Qassam Group Suspend its DDoS Attacks Against US Banks, in Consequence of Removing Anti-Islam Film Threatens to Restart

13 Feb, 2013


AlQasam cyber fighters has announced 2 weeks ago that it is suspending its DDoS attacks against US banks after the main copy of the insulting anti-Islam movie “innocence of Muslims” was removed from YouTube.

But Nearly 2 weeks after stopping cyber attacks of Qassam group to U.S. Banks due to removing the most viewing copy of offensive “anti-Prophet of Islam” film, last day this group warned in its new statement that if the other copies of this film are not removed from YouTube, they’ll resume their attacks.

In the statement of announcing the suspension of the attacks the group applauded Google banks and the US government for the wise decision.

Here is the group’s statement published in January 29:

Operation Ababil suspended due to removal of insulting movie
– ————————————————————

Well, after a while a little bit of rationalism was seen and the main copy of the insulting movie was removed from YouTube. In fact in the following five-fold list that was mentioned in the al-Qassam group’s statements, the first one which had the most number of views has been removed:      17,146,560   <----- REMOVED from YouTube         5,123,688       1,639,751             1,106,758       1,568,967 This is a clear indication of progress and establishment of logic instead of obstinacy. This positive move is a humanitarian effort and in line with paying respect to divine religions which has made billions of people love them; and it's a becoming and proper action. All of us -al-Qassam group, U.S. government, and even YouTube and Google's managers- carrying on such a wise action have contributed to this victory and progress. The al-Qassam cyber fighters lauds this positive measure of YouTube and on this basis suspends his operation and plans to give a time to Google and U.S. government to remove the other copies of film as well. During the suspension of Operation Ababil, no attack to U.S. banks would take place by al-Qassam cyber fighters. Surely it's not over yet and although the main link is removed from YouTube, but there are other copies which their list was mentioned herein before: And other than they there are more copies which are seen in other languages, for instance:” and here is the new statement threatening new attacks: Warning, Operation Ababil “After YouTube positive move in removing the main copy of the insulting film to great prophet of Islam(pbuh), the al-Qassam cyber group decided to temporarily suspend the Operation Ababil and give a time to Google to remove other copies of the film from YouTube as well. Links to some other copies of the film was given as example (see our previous statement for more details). In spite of the time that was given to YouTube to remove the films nonetheless the copies yet exist. We, the M.I.D.a Qassam Cyber Fighters warn that other copies of the film should also be removed quickly. Of course a warning message informing about seditiousness of films is shown recently to users on input to the pages which is a considerable act but that is not enough at all. It is reminded that, based on the formula which is approved for paying, and there were some invoices during past statements based on it, the united states is still debted considerable amount because of the insult, and not removing the film shows the U.S. acceptance of the responsibility  to pay for it. We warn again that, remove the film copies till there is time and do not harden the situation for yourself and banks' online users. *** Martyr Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters *** “

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