Facebook Shuts Down the page of Islamic News Agency for Publishing Mujahdeen News

20 Jan, 2013

The world media is not honest, media ou lets from around the world are controlled by either the Zionist or the American government whether this control is directly or indirectly via poppet regimes in the Arab world or via secular businessmen who work as agents for the American government and the Zionist Masons and the Israeli government.

Those media outlets spread US and Israeli government propaganda with an attempt to deceive the public opinion and brainwash people. And any attempt to have an independent media is faced with great deal of conspiracies as what ArabCrunch faced is an example.

Zionist and pro American government media organization spread false information about those who raise arms against the US government and work in disturbing their image.

Facebook is founded by a Jewish man Mark Zuckerberg and it is not far from aligning its policy with that of the US government and the Zionist movement. As Facebook allows crazy people to start pages to draw and mock the prophet of mankind Mohammad peace be up him while it shuts down non political Islamic pages and other pages that oppose the US policy and exposes their terrorist practice.

Few days ago facebook has shutdown the page of Islamic news agency Dawa AL Haq for publishing news about Al Mujahdeen specially the crusader French campaign in Mali. The page was shut down after reaching more than 70,000 fans.

The admins of the page has sent facebook a letter asking them to bring it back and they wrote:
“we publish news as they come from the original sources without interference, this page is independent and does not belong to any group or political party.
We believe that closing our page which achieved many fans 78,000 fans is bad for free speech.
Again we confirm that the page is a news page that redistribute news, we hope you bring the page down.”
The news agency started a new page on facebook and continues to publish news on its account on facebook and twitter.

We the public whether we are Muslims and Non-Muslim have the right to get news information about the French and the American wars against Muslims from other sources that independent from American Zionist influence.

new facebook page.


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