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11 Jan, 2013

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Hello Arabcrunch users,

This is my first post here, hopefully I will make more in the future if you like it. So today I will share with you something I was doing like 2 years ago, and I know that the whole internet marketing thing is still fresh in the Arabic world, so you’ll be enjoying the lion share if you implement this now.
This method is a combination of online and offline work, the nice thing here is that the more you work on it, the more you grow your empire to get semi auto-pilot monthly subscriptions.

Method in short :

You will actually build simple WordPress websites to offline small businesses, you will offer your customers the following :

Free hosting, Free domain, Designed website, Facebook page, Website submission to Google&Yahoo search engines, Easy admin control panel, Built-in search and much more !
Offer all that for just 49$ a month !

WHAT? You may ask…
Yeah, I know that may sound like a lot of work for a little money, but take a minute now and calculate how much time and money it will take you to do all of this:
Free hosting – 1 shared hosting is enough for 100+ small websites, as small businesses websites will hardly get any traffic, so that won’t be a problem at all.
Free domain – Okay that’s 10$ a year, less than 1$ a month that’s the only thing you will actually pay for.
Custom design website, Control panel, Built-in search – That’s all just WordPress! Setting up a new WordPress website with a custom theme, some plugins will take you at most 1 hour (much less if you find how to automate it).
Facebook page – Will take you exactly 5 minutes to make a new one with a nice side picture on it.

Submission to Google & Yahoo – I just wrote that to give you an idea of how tempting your offer will look to the small-business owners..

That’s all in total = ~1hr and 1$ a month
What you get = 49$ every month

There is a huge difference between 49$ and 49$ a month, most of your customers will put the website that you’ll build for them in their visit cards, therefore it’s not going to be easy for them to drop the website and most of them will keep their website for a long time.
With your attractive offer, it will be easy to get 50 customers, isn’t it ?
50 * 49$/month = ~2500$ a month
Work needed = One-time 50 hours which is 1 week of 7 hours a day work

When I decided to do this, I took some time to research and look for the most attractive WordPress plugins, a list of what I’ll offer to customers, different themes and some other stuff. I will share all this with you guys to help you save time so you can start with the method right away

WordPress plugins I prepared :
Add link to Facebook , All in one SEO Pack , Contact Form 7 , Facebook Comments for WordPress , NextGEN Gallery , qTranslate , Quick Chat , Visitor Maps , WP-Polls , WPtouch

Themes :
I just used free WordPress themes websites, like NewWpThemes.com or similars.
What I offered to customers :
Here is exactly what I promised the customers when I advertised my service :

* Hosting & Domain expenses included !
* Free designed Facebook page bonus !
* Control your website easily with your control panel !
* Built-in search, contact us form, users comments, polls and much more !
* Free professional logo design !
* We will submit your website to search engines like Google & Yahoo !
* Free support !

If you are thinking that the support may take a lot of your time, I found a solution for that – Just give them an email, where they’ll send their issues and you will fix it when you want . Don’t give your personal phone number or email, just a business email and a new SIM card number.

How to market your service :

Though I didn’t do my best when I marketed my service, I was getting many requests from people who were interested in it. So here is what I suggest you to do to market your service :

1) Make fliers describing your “Sale” then get a kid to spread them to all the small businesses in your area.

2) If you have some experience in PPC, then I highly recommend doing Facebook PPC with this, just make sure to put your phone number in the ad, and in your ad webpage.

3) Get an ad space in your local newspaper if possible, it helps a lot

4) Make some nice visit cards, and give them to everyone, everywhere!
This should be enough to get the desired customers base, just make sure to always ask the customer on how he has heard about you so you can focus on the most effective marketing technique.
This post was written by Shadi Halloun

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