ArabCrunch Team Member Received Death and Rape Threats

6 Jan, 2012

One of ArabCrunch team members received verbal death and rape threats against him and other team members. The threats came in light of ArabCrunch posting parts of CIA, Zionists and their Arab secret police allies conspiracy against ArabCrunch and free press.

The people who delivered the threats are members of certain Arab intelligence agency. One of the conversations was recorded but then wiped out.

Some suspicious people would accuse us of being mentally ill, delusional and crazy. But there is an evidence of such threats against ArabCrunch and its founder “Gaith Saqer” via a twitter account that publicly calls for the killing of ArabCrunch and its Jordanian founder Gaith Saqer:


The Twitter account reads Kill ArabCrunch

@KillArabCrunch Middle East
“ and its paranoid founder Gaith Saqer.


One of the accounts tweets read:

” @arabcrunch and Gaith Saqer are one and can’t be seperated. That’s why we need to kills the website”

Which means kill Gaith Saqer

@KillArabCrunch was formed shortly after ArabCrunch published parts of the CIA and Zionist conspiracy against free Arab press in 2010. There is only one party who would rush to voice death threats against ArabCrunch and Gaith Saqer knowing that Gaith Saqer does not have personal enemies, it is the CIA and its allies in certain Arab intelligence agencies. Note also that its publicly reported that the CIA and the mossad has a special division for social media propaganda. Also almost all Arab governments.

ArabCrunch asks Twitter to track the people behind this account and bring them to justice.

The US government has a history in killing and rapping innocent people, the video that was leaked to wikileaks early last year shows the evidence of such killing of journalist in Baghdad, not to mention the bombing of Aljazeera offices in Baghdad and afghanistan in which the US government claimed it was a mistake . The images of mass rape of Iraqi prisoners in Abu Ghraib are also another evidence that the US government rape men and woman alike. another evidence is the leak of US government contractor auctioning Afghani boys to be rapped by Afghani police. Not to mention reports of torture and rape in Guantanamo and other secret CIA jails across the world.

Who kills journalist in Iraq and rape in Iraq has no problem in rapping and killing anywhere in the world including the US main land.

As for Arab governments, you need to search YouTube to look for people being tortured and rapped by Arab police. Do not trust governments that claim they are different. Even those who brand themselves are resisting occupation. No one is immune of US government pressure.

Most likely the CIA and its allies would not kill or rape any ArabCrunch team members in broad day light, they won’t use conventional means such as snipers and bombing rather it would be fabricated death and rape.

Khaled Saed in Egypt was beaten to death and then they put drugs in his stomik and said he was killed because of drug over dose., they also claimed that he was a peeve. Not only Khaled Saed many people who died under torture where fabricated a normal death. and the doctors who give the report where blackmailed to issue false normal death reports. This is not hallucinations this happened across many Arab countries.

There are many ways these threats can be delivered: for example someone who is homosexual and sent by an intelligence agency would drug the victim and then rape him/her while he/she is sleeping, record a video of the rape and then post it online. Later a fake suicide would occur to the victim. This way the victim public image is destroyed as a homosexual person, who committed suicide after a fake scandal. Which is untrue and fake.

Another operation would be to inject the subject with a material that cause heart attack and say “Oh he died in a heart attack”. Another one is to fake a car accident such as jamming breaks. Another one would be drag the subject to an old building and make it collapse so it looks as a normal death.

Another operation would include a fake rubbery that would result in killing the subject. and blame the death in thieves while in fact they are secret police. Another one would be to fake a fight that would bring death to the subject “unintentionally.” Make one note that there is no shortage of fabricated deaths and rape that might occur.

Also one victim might be fabricated a crime of any sort specially the usual “terrorism” and put to jail under fake charges and then his cell mate would rape him/her, in fact this cell mate has been planted intentionally to rape the victim. Another instance, the victim would be accused of being mentally ill and then inside the mental hospital he/she would be rapped or sexually harassed. The mental doctors would be also blackmailed to accuse the victim of being mentally ill.

Are we crazy? are we paranoid? NO. we received threats and that Twitter @killArabCrunch account is an evidence of those threats, and similar fabricated deaths and suicide happened in many Arab countries to innocent and unknown people, whose crime is simple as growing a beard, posting a video of police crime, being an activists, or as simple as marching in a demonstration. Events in Libya during Gaddafi are evidence of such things. remember he accused the demonstrators of being Al Qaeda members and of taking drug pills.

So we are posting this so the world would know that may God forbid in case any members of ArabCrunch or anyone who is affiliated with or their families died or was/will be raped in such ways you would know who is behind it. And the host government of the victim is 100% responsible about such assassination or rape and is a partner and executor, no matter who they are.

It is worth mentioning that a number of secret police at least has planted agents who worked before with ArabCrunch and played a role in not just spying but try to destroy important partnership deals.

We hope by this post we would defuse such plots against our peaceful members and that we can live in peace.

We will make a deceive decision about ArabCrunch and its future in the coming days and weeks as AC has become dangers to anyone to be involved with.

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