ArabCrunch Announces Weal Ghonim, Anonymous Hacker Group and Bradley Manning As Person of the Year 2011

25 Dec, 2011

Important Update: ArabCrunch withdraw the title person of the year from bradly manning because we found out he is gay and a trany, ArabCrunch follows Islam and can not celebrate homosexuals.

As for anonymous hacking group, it has changed a lot over the years the western police has arrested the leadership of the group some charged and are in jail some turned to become double agents, these governments also planted spies in it and turn it into a hacking arm for the Western governments.

ArabCrunch World’s only independent and most popular English tech news site focused on Arab tech, startups and social media has announced its selection of the person of the year 2011.

Starting 2010, each December, ArabCrunch selects Person of the Year featuring and profiling a person, group, idea, place, or machine that has done the most to influence the events of the year in technology, internet, entrepreneurship or in using technology.

Last year we selected Julian Assang founder of Wikileaks, to celebrate the distinguished efforts by the Wikileaks in pushing transparency worldwide and exposing wrong doings and crimes of governments and corporations alike. Redefining what media is.

“this year 2011, went through many historical events, which lead to the emergence of new type of persons with achievement and impact that changed the course of history. “Said ArabCrunch spoke person.

adding “For this year it was hard to select one person, Wael Ghonim, Anonymous hacking group and Bradley Manning where all persons of achievement at the global and local stage. So we decided to split the winning person into the three of them.”

Wael Ghonim:

” target=”_blank”>Wael Ghonim via his Facebook page “We are all Khalid Said” was the main person responsible in igniting the Egyptian revolution against tyranny and corruption. Though that revolution did not achieve all its objectives until now. The removal of fear factor and the effort that Wael played in exposing the tyrant and corrupt Husni Mubarak regime will be the guarantee that the times of tyranny is gone and that the Egyptian revolution will achieve by the well of God all its objectives, sooner or later.

Though, the real heroes of the Egyptian revolution are the millions who answered the call and the people who paid their souls and blood so others can live in dignity.

Here is a bio of Wael on Wikipedia.

Anonymous hacking group:

After Wikileaks started publishing the US government diplomatic cables, the true color of big corporations has been reveled, PayPal, Visa and others started blocking funding to Wikileaks with no legal justification. Among other corporations who blockhead Wikileaks, Amazon denied the ability for Wikileaks to host the website on its Amazon’s server. Wikileaks was also subject to massive DDoS attacks.

The result: a group of unknown hackers has emerged to retaliate against in injustice and corruption by the US government and corporate America. From cyber attacks against CIA to leaking defense contractors confidential documents ( that said does not nesacrlly means that ArabCrunch support such hacking activities) . With each attack Anonymous massage against tyranny and corruption of corporate America has grown. Anonymous did not just attack US based government and corporations who are accused of wrong doings. But also sites of governments that witnessed revolutions such as Tunisia, Egypt, and Syria.

Anonymous also targeted the Mossad and Israeli defense website also, showing solidarity with the Palestinian people struggle for freedom and justice.

Whether a person would agree or disagree with Anonymous attacks or not, their work has been important to spread the message of the unheard, the unknown and essentially its activities laid the ground for the occupy wall street movement to emerge against the corruption and greed of Wall Street, essentially those who run Wall Street: the Zionists. Here is a good list of some of the group operations.

There is another Anonymous group of people who also should be celebrated, they are the young Arab men and woman who are using social media, with tweets and retweets, Facebook updates, likes and share of content that expose the crimes of the current and past Arab regimes. Those users took the effort online then offline to mass protests that toppled criminal governments.

Bradley Manning:

Bradley Manning a US army intelligence officer. he is accused of leaking the video of US army helicopter murdering journalists and children, he is also accused of leaking the classified Iraq war log, Afghanistan War log and the US diplomatic cables.

Bradley Manning is going now through his trial now, instead of being in trial he should be thanked, if he was the person behind the leaks and should be celebrated as a hero. Ask the mothers of the journalists who were killed in the leaked video, asked the young children who were killed by the hands of American Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ask the mothers of the young kids who are auctioned by a US government contractor in Afghanistan to the Afghan Army personnel to be raped as the embassy logs reveals., yes rapped. Ask the populations of many countries who now they know with evidence how brutal is their government, how corrupt and how shameful liars are their leaders.

The world and specially Muslims ow a lot to Bradley Manning , Many human rights activists says that Bradley Manning should be an example for every inelegance agent in the US government or any government in the world. The message is simple: if you witnessed wrong doings and crimes of your government, take all the necessarily security measures and leak to wikileaks and let the world know about those criminals. Remember never to tell anyone that you leaked.

Here is the video that Bradley is accused of leaking:

and here is a song against Tunisian President Bin Ali when the revolution and Arab spring started in Tunis:

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