Wikleaks releases full CableGate files of 251,000 US secret diplomatic cables

2 Sep, 2011

Wikileaks has published its full archive  of 251,000 secret US diplomatist cables in an easily accessible and searchable manner. The site is here wikileaks says over Twitter, due to huge demand the site is experiencing difficulties and is asking for donation to  buy more capacity.

The cables are very important because they reveal many crimes, specially those of US forces in Iraq. As one cable reveals that Women and children had their hands tied behind their back and were shot in the head in house raid, which was covered up by the US military with a US airstrike  launched on the house to destroy the evidence.

In doing so Wikileaks conducted a poll of its Twitter followers to decide whether to publish the documents where the majority favored the release. This move came after Guardian unethical move in disclosing all cablegate archive online.

Wikileaks is asking the public to Tweet important cable discoveries with hashtag #wlfind over Twitter as the entire world press does not have enough resources and there are “substantial biases.”

These cables are without redactions, meaning many US informants and information sources  has been exposed in countries like “Israel”, Jordan, Iran and Afghanistan.

cables from some Muslim countries:

30,179 Iran-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/IR_0.html search: cablegatesearch.net/search.php?q=I…

19,714 Afghanistan-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/AF_0.html

34,687 Iraq-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/IZ_0.html

3,980 Qatar-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/QA_0.html

8,003 Kuwait-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/KU_0.html

3,752 Yemen-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/YM_0.html

2,898 Oman-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/MU_0.html

Libya-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/LY_0.html search: cablegatesearch.net/search.php?q=L…

12,606 Egypt-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/EG_0.html search: cablegatesearch.net/search.php?q=E…

8,737 Saudi Arabia-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/SA_0.html search: ca

13,209 Pakistan-US secret embassy cables wikileaks.org/tag/PK_0.html

Here is the entire cablegate files in torrent format (60 GB)

Cablegate2 key:


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  1. dazzlepod  |  September 3rd, 2011 at 3:02 AM #

    Stay tuned for all 251,287 cables at http://dazzlepod.com/cable/ – this is an alternative site to wikileaks.ch where we hope to make it easier for readers to browse, search, share and discuss about the released cables.

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