Arrington’s TechCrunch was Biased, Anti Islam & Spreading Zionist Propaganda, Did It Favor Jewish Startups?

25 Sep, 2011

Tech bloggers and the media in the recent weeks were busy pointing out the conflict of interest TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington and his the blog standing as he has founded a Venture Capital fund “Crunch Fund”. As he would favor some startups and companies he funds over the others.

But that was not the only conflict of interest the site suffered from. As it stands in favor of Jews. Israel and it expressed in multiple times its hate to Islam. ArabCrunch is not affiliated to techcrunch.

Michael Arrington says he belongs to the Jewish faith, under his leadership his blog was spreading anti ّslam hate posts and pro Israeli propaganda. Often in contradicting stands in a proof to the world its own bias to Israel and Judaism.

Take a look at this post TechCrunch defends the anti Islam movie the “Fitna” and asks Google not to delete it from Youtube as TC writes “What Google does now will be an interesting test for a company that claims “do no evil” as its company mantra” ….”so ultimately it will be up to Google to decide between free speech and global jihad.”

I watched the movie the Fitna, its full of baseless lies against Islam calling it a terrorist religion. The maker of the movie takes scripts of the Quran out of context and takes some Sheikhes speeches out of context too, to prove that Islam is a religion of terror, that wants to kill all non Muslims. Which is totally untrue and even AlQaeda does not even carry such believe.

So according to TechCrunch publishing a video that is full of lies against Islam is “free speech,” but when it comes to Jews, free speech is not free speech anymore: In one post Arrington asks Facebook to delete groups that question the holocaust. Saying that Facebook is not subject to free speech. “The first amendment doesn’t apply to private companies.” ( an excuse often used by some Jews in tech forums to justify deleting other anti Israeli terrorism)  and goes on to say in this post and other posts, that Facebook should take a stand “firm against racial and religious hatred.”

Even worse, TechCrunch in this post questions whether “Islam the new Satanism?”

WOW, so to Arrington to questions the holocaust is racial and religious hatred but to spread lies about Islam and call it a terrorist and a satanic religion is not hatred against religion and an insult against 2 billion Muslims around the world!

In spreading Israeli propaganda, look at titled: “Hello World: Israel is Out-Classing You in Civil Disobedience” were TechCrunch claims that Israel is the most civilized of all countries and nations since the strikes in Israeli occupied cities are non violent and that the Israeli government did not meet them with violence. forgetting that Israeli forces uses violence against “Israeli citizens” of Palestinian origins (both Christens and Muslims) whenever they demonstrate against unjust policies and discrimination by the Israeli government and society. It forgets that “Israel” killed and kills Palestinian men, woman and children in west bank and Gaza in peaceful demonstrations. It forgets that Israel keeps seizing land from its native inhabitants and keeps building settlements, it forgets that Israel killed around 2,000 civilians in its war in gaza, it forgets that Israel does not recognize the right of millions of Palestinians to return to their homes that Israel has forced them while giving a citizenship to any jew, just because he is a jew even though he nor his grand grand parents never even visited Palestine before. and the list keep going ……..

Some pics of Israeli and American forces terrorism in Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon:

image credit

Mohammaed Al dura.

Mohammed Al dura.

Sabra and shateal massacre.

American soldiers murdering Iraqis.

I am not questioning here the holocaust, nor saying all jews are evil, but proving here with evidence that TechCrunch under Arrington has been racist and anti Islam, not that every writer at TechCrunch is from this caliber but the above posts proves what TC coverage was over the years is biased when it comes to jews, Israeli and Muslims.

There are many startups founded by jewish entrepreneurs in US or “Israel” that has been covered by TechCrunch, but is TC biased favoring Jewish and Zionist founded or funded startups compared to others from other religious and political backgrounds? taking into account that most VC’s in Silicon Valley are jews? as TC hatred to Islam and its bias with jews in general is evident in in its posts under Arrington’s leadership. We are “suspicions” what do you think?

#Arrington pic,

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  1. AbduAllah  |  September 26th, 2011 at 12:00 AM #

    Yes TC was biased, In fact Muslims are the victims not the terrorist of, they are the victims of Israeli and American government crimes. Before the war in Iraq and before 911. one million children died in Iraq due to US imposed sanctions against Iraq. the US government continually support Israel politicly, economically and Militarily with billions of dollars, For Instance whenever there is a resolution that just condemns any Israeli crime against Palestinian the American veto is ready, and it has been used 33 times in favor of Israel. Also the US government support dictators and tyrant governments in the Arab world like those of Husni Mubarak, Bin Ali of Tunis and others in the region.

    Not to mention that the US even interfere with free media in the region take this wikileaks US embassy cable about forcing Aljazeera delete content from its website, let alone its plots against ArabCrunch.
    Take the bombing of Aljazeera offices in Iraq and Afghanistan take this video of American forces in Iraq killing unarmed journalists. Muslims are the victims of US terror, Iraq was invaded under the pretext of weapon of mass destruction, the US administration fabricated the evidence and no WMD were found, instead 2 million Iraqis died in the hand of barbaric US forces.

  2. AbduAllah  |  September 26th, 2011 at 12:05 AM #

    As a Zionist Arrington wants to shut down ArabCrunch because in some posts it exposed US and Israeli crimes, last post about wikileaks forced Aljazeera head to resign du to his collaboration with US army in deleting posts they did not like!

    Conspiracy against ArabCrunch grows, Zionists, CIA, FBI, Mossad and a number of Arab secret police wants it down

  3. Atef  |  September 26th, 2011 at 1:18 AM #

    Thanks anonymous guest for the great coverage although the links shows out dated posts but it definitely shows the truth

    I don’t like TC coverage of things , all the time they are promoting silly crap services just like “Quora” once I found this stupid spam like promotion while leaving great useful startups I decided to leave them and not read to them again

    they are not straight so alot is expected

  4. Tariq  |  September 26th, 2011 at 2:13 PM #

    The Quran came out 1400 years ago. It did foretell these issues.

    Attempting to remain unbiased, so that everyone can go back to their books and research, the Jews did indeed kill 70 Prophets that Allah sent to them, all at one time mind you. Does anyone think they will stop now? Check it out yourself.

    The Jews live in Fear. It is what drives them and it is what destroys them. We as Muslims need to worry about ourselves and do what the Prophet did in the Cave of Hira. Then if he wants, we can be the goose that lays a golden egg. We do not have the skills they have nor will we ever beat them at their own game. OK? They are my lawyers, they have been my call coverage( I am a doctor), even the most wayward Jew absolutely detests the most wayward Muslim, with sugarcoating of course. Pray that SWT gives them Hidayah if not let them destroy themselves. Its like folding a 20 dollar bill.

  5. Bull crap  |  September 29th, 2011 at 2:19 PM #


    This post is just inflammatory. If you read any of the posts you link to A) they’re not by Arrington (Duncan and Arrington even had a falling out) and B) they are saying the exact opposite of what you claim. The truth is that as someone who’s based in the Middle East, I know the funding of startups isn’t based on zionism or anything like that but that there are two very different investment markets. Israel makes products fit for the much larger english market while companies in the middle east make products for the smaller, but growing arabic market. It’s really ironic that this blog is even riding off the coattails of the “crunch” name.

    If you’re going to write a political piece, just write it as is, you don’t need to bring startups into it.

  6. Hisham  |  October 2nd, 2011 at 1:17 PM #

    Totally agree with previous post.
    Stick to the point and don’t mix things.

  7. Anas  |  October 2nd, 2011 at 8:10 PM #

    Arrington is the editor of TechCrunch he has a history of deleting posts, why he did not delete the post that questions if Islam is the new sanatisem. because he agrees with it. also some posts are by Arrington. I wonder why some person is angry about this piece because it exposes TechCrunch and say do not bring politics, and do not at the same time go and at least object to TC bias and insult to Islam

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