7 Arabic Tools From Microsoft Afkar Innovated by Cairo Microsoft Innovation Lab

21 Jun, 2011

We reviewed around 2 years ago Microsoft Mareen from Cairo Microsoft Innovation Lab (CMIC), the tool competes with US startup Yamli and google’s Ta3reeb as the tool converts Romanized Arabic text into Arabic.

Since then the CMIC has been busy innovating new tools and technologies that help Arabic language online under the name of Afkar, and these tools matches google’s Arabic products and includes new ones that google does not have.

Here are Afkar’s products to date:

Convert Romanized Arabic text into Arabic. It competes with Yamli and Google Ta3reeb.

A smart tool that automatically completes the words you type in Arabic. Maren Autocomplete also helps you create correct sentences by giving you word options based on the context of the full phrase.

Maren Multilingual allows you to type classic Arabic or Romanized Arabic words within an English sentence. The application then gives you an instant and accurate English translation using Bing Translator. Competes with Google Translate, RealTime English-Arabic Translation Via Google TalkGoogle tool bar.

Bing Translator is a free translation service for online automatic translation of text and web pages. It currently translates 32 languages including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Thai and Russian. Competes with Google translate.

An “instant answer” is a snippet of information related to the keywords in your search query. Bing Answers quickly extracts pertinent information and displays it up at the top of your search results. This helps you to access the information you want immediately, without having to visit a webpage.

For Example
• Muslim Prayer Times:

Type “Muslim prayer times” plus the capital name and you are done. Google launched similar service in its search back in april 2011.
Google offers similar service to Bing Answers in its search in Arabic called Snippet.

• Instant Translation on Bing:

You can get translation for 32 languages including Arabic, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Thai and Russian. 
Here are some examples:
• If you need to get the Arabic translation of “sophisticated”, just type:
Translate sophisticated to Arabic
• To get the translation in more languages: Translate sophisticated from English

WikiBhasha Beta is a powerful multilingual content creation tool for Wikipedia. Developed by Microsoft Research, WikiBhasha Beta enables Wikipedia users and contributors to explore and source content from English Wikipedia articles, to translate the content into a set of target languages, and to use the content with user additions and corrections for contribution to the target language version of Wikipedia. The content creation workflow is flexible enough to accommodate new content creation, while preserving reusable information such as references and templates.
WikiBhasha Beta has an easy to use, intuitive user interface and enables quick and easy translation of English articles to more than 30 other languages, supported by Microsoft’s Machine Translation system and Microsoft’s Collaborative Translation Framework.

Arabic morphological analyzer.

Maren Morph automatically analyzes a given Arabic word and displays possible analyses with corresponding diacritics for each analysis. Each analysis shows the linguistic structure of the word by deconstructing it into its basic morphemes, including the prefixes, stem and suffixes, and the stem is further broken-down into its root and morphological pattern.

The presented word analyses are ranked in a way that reflects their actual usage in written Arabic text, based on word usage statistics.
Maren Morph also features much more morphological information like all valid derivatives and inflections for the word subject to investigation.
Maren Morph was built to help a wide variety of users spanning Arabic language specialists, college and school students, researchers and academic staff as well as common internet users.

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