Zabatak: Crowed Source Corruption Reporting in Egypt Post Revolution

29 Mar, 2011

The revolution has succeed in Egypt by ousting the US government poppet, the dictator Husni Mubarak. Though the transition period did not end yet. The Army is in command paving the way to elected president and parliament, but there are forces who try to launch counter revolution.

The former regime in Egypt relied in 2 forces the corrupt members of its National Democratic Party (NDP) and State Security Investigative (SSI) or in Arabic AmenDawla, SSI was trained by the FBI as Wikileaks cables reveal and was working as a torture heaven for the CIA. Both of SSI and NDP existence was based on corruption, torture, spying on the Egyptian people and illegal methods to achieve unjust objectives.

Many members of NDP and SSI members are not happy about new Egypt because corrupt people like them have no place in post revolution Egypt. Many reports from Egypt suggest that remnants from both forces are trying to hijack the revolution by acts of bullying theft and so forth. Not to mention drug gangs who are taking advantage of power vacuum in some places on the country.

Here comes Zabatak which means I caught ou as a platform to eliminate corruption incidents which would help clean Egypt from such evil behavior.

On Zabatak user can report theft, bribery, violence, and commercial cheating incidents from the web or via an android app. Moreover users can pinpoint the location of the corruption incident and the site owners say they will report to authorities to take action.

The site also offers custom email alerts about incidents from certain locations and it is integrated with Google maps.

You may question that some users can abuse the system. Well, first users can vote each incident up or down and I think since each incident can be verified and investigated then abuse would be minimal.

One of the incidents that related to tech is about corruption case against Arab Science Foundation (ASTF), the report says forgery, theft and firing employes happened at the NGO, plus not reporting on foreign Aid ( disclaimer: we could not verify this report.)
Corruption is wide spread in the Arab world among the oppressive regimens who rely in AmnDawla (ISS) copycats to oppress the population. I hope that reform comes to the rest of the Arab world, all AmnDawla copycats are dismantled and we  will see projects such as Zabatak in every Arab country.

Zabataj uses open source Ushahidi platform

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