@Twitter Giving Admin Access to the CIA/FBI/Mossad/NSA and Other Agencies to Our Twitter Accounts?

27 Oct, 2010


There is no doubt that here at ArabCrunch we were big fans of Twitter since the day it was launched. We favored it over its Arab clone WaWet, for many reasons on top of them international adoption rate and a large applications ecosystem.

We were happy that Twitter opened a new platform for the world to communicate on 1 to 1 and 1 to many bases, as it played an instrumental role in breaking barriers including boarders.

However the nasty hand of politics comes to spoil things up.

Our compeitiors the US state department interference is not new with Twitter, as they asked Twitter to postpone its scheduled maintenance to give a chance for “the pro democracy revolutionary attempts in Iran”

And since we are under cruel assault by the US administration and its CIA along with the Zionist movement and certain their Arab “allies.” We raised a very legitimate question whether the CIA, Mossad and any other intelligence agency have access to our accounts on Twitter or any of our staff, or not. We are looking for simple answer Yes or No. But until now there is no answer! the tweet was sent on the 27th of sep.

We feel suspicious because we’ve been seeing retweets and replies from mostly social media Arab mercenaries and not normal tweets! Those tweets were designed to install confusion in our staff mind as a physiological warfare against us and as a failed attempts to mislead the public with a new coverup for the CIA crimes against free media.

Giving access to the CIA, Mossad or any other intelligence such as NSA and specially those in certain Arab country has catastrophic results:

1- We can not rollout that we use Twitter to communicate with some of our news sources, as such access to the CIA, NSA and Mossad would put them in grave danger.

2- If the motive before for the CIA/Mossad and Zionism in destroying ArabCrunch is based on colonial dictator and imperial lust to control free media outlets in politics or tech. Now they have a new motive, which is retaliation because we exposed some of their plots against ArabCrunch and other independent Startups founded by independent Muslims, as such they can send a tweet on our behalf that would put us in legal trouble and impressment under certain anti-free media laws in certain Middle Eastern oppressive and dictator banana republics regimes.

We have a message to the CIA and their Aarab tails, we understand what social graph means since before Facebook was public, you will never be able to find our sources. We will do anything (legal) to protect the brave American men and woman who risked their lives to warn us of your criminal plots.

We will never share our password on Twitter, google or else where with anyone, even under torture or a new type of blackmail.

We hope Sean Garrett @SG from Twitter communictations or anyone from Twitter will come and answer our legitimate question.

Update 1:

Sean replied to our question if twitter gave admin access to the CIA/FBI/Mossad/NSA and Other Agencies to Our Twitter Accounts?um no. just as much chance of this as Twitter being the gunman that killed JFK.”

which is a great news, but we still waiting for him to answer if these agencies asked/have/had any type of access to our accounts.

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