Refuting SocialMedia Propaganda Against ArabCrunch

9 Oct, 2010

The US State Department entered into competition against ArabCrunch with very “fair terms” under the pretext of “helping Muslims.” As part of the Obama’s Promise and engagement plans for entrepreneurship and tech innovation in the Muslim world as a new pillar to fight “extremism” or “terrorism”. And After we posted about a leak from sources with relevance to both US department of Defense and US State Department about the US administration plans to destroy Arabcrunch of “if we do not join them, they will destroy you”( The leaks are security level leaks to the US administration.) A wave of social media propaganda started against ArabCrunch on Twitter and elsewhere offline.

The main allegation is that “we come to ArabCrunch to read tech news not politics.” some said ” I was a fan, now you lost me, forever”!!

Where were these people when we covered Obama’s entrepreneurship summit? Or when we covered the Arab funds that got funded by the US government?? These posts were not political too? the US administration is political in nature? Where were these people who attended the event with Obama along with US intelligence officials? this is not politics! No this is just “business”!!! Why they were fans at the time and now “No more?”

As we started to reveal more of the plots committed by the CIA, Mossad and the global Zionist movement to bring us down, the social media propaganda campaign grow. Now we see more blog posts by low level unpopular blogs attacking ArabCrunch and its founder with whatever they can by calling our posts as “rants” “ArabCrunch is a personal blog, no more professional” they are hallucinating. “He needs series help!!!”

Why now? why would these people take the effort and time to come and attack ArabCrunch with such a cheap way?

Well, most of the propagandist are Arabs or who have fake Arabic profile on Twitter. non of these people ArabCrunch attacked by name before, while some are self confessed Zionists and “Israelis”, So why they are attacking us?

Very simple reason, most of these people are paid social media mercenaries,  all these tweets, blog posts with “ready made thread of comments” are mostly a propaganda campaign designed to mislead the public about the authority and credibility of ArabCrunch that it took us about 2,5 years of hard-work at night and at sun light. Why they are misleading the public?

This CIA leaked document shows that the US intelligence had plans to destroy Wikileaks since 2009 by attacking its heart which is its “trust,” so people around the world specially Americans discredit any leak on wikileaks as fake and not true!

So these people where just misleading the public to cover the crimes the CIA and Zionism committed against ArabCrunch and other Muslim independent websites. Whether it is an intentional move by most or unintentional by a few, who were miss lead by those poppets.

One of the tweets of the people who was tweeting with enthusiasm against us (claiming to be fans and then swithcing sides later!!) “made fun” of a certain Arab ruling family member linking them to ArabCrunch. In that country and by law insulting members of the ruling family means jail for about 2 years. The guy and those who Retweeed after him is never prosecuted and never go to jail!!!

We totally condemn that tweet and totally disagree with it and we wont link the person or the tweet here so we do not get into trouble by “miss understanding us” from the authorities in that country. However these are one of the attempts to bring trouble to us by any means possible.

Look at this Tweet here:

Mustapha said he never heard of ArabCrunch untill the other guy wrote “some propoganda” in his post about us, and he found us “a bunch of loonies.” Yet he has been following or knew about AC from at least 2009 as this Tweet reveals: (sorry Mustapha we had to link your Tweet, it was public)

To political and media observers, these propaganda campaigns are very old school tactics that are not new to the US administration, CIA, Mossad and Zionism and their history of blackmailing anyone who “do not join the good effort.” or “the good fight for the good cause!”

The US administration and hillary clinton has a history in misleading the public and launching propaganda against its enemies or rivals or basically anyone who “do not join.” In technology the hypocrisy was very clear when Hillary attacked China for infiltrating China’s regime oppositions’ email account on Gmail and called for Internet freedom in her speech. as she said
“We stand for a single Internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas,” citing China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt among the countries that censored the Internet or harassed bloggers!

Yet on the same day, the US administration goes and orders the largest open source software repository online, sourceforge, to ban 120 million innocent people in Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Syria and Sudan from downloading open source software. In yet another contradiction of the open source principals: of No discrimination against persons or groups or Fields of Endeavor!

In China Google shuts down its offices and rally the world, the pretext “free speech,” yet in our case, CIA and Zionism have freehand to accesses our email on google! no security, no privacy to sites that are from the Muslim world!

It is worth mentioning here for the sake of disclosure that Google founders Sergey Mikhaylovich Bri and Larry Page are both Jewish.While ArabCrunch founder is Muslim, Arab and a proud Jordanian his father is originally from Gaza strip of Palestine which is occupied by “Israel” a jewish run state.

The US government have a history in attacking free-media that expose its crimes against humanity, Aljazeera was bombed before and its staff were murdered by the hands of US warrplanes.

Here is also a video of how US government treats journalists from Reuters:

We know some will come and say, “who is ArabCrunch compared to Aljazeera? or Wikileaks? Wikileaks is leaking sensitive data that “are deemed” threat to the US national security by exposing informants names! ArabCrunch is a tech blog not a political blog.” Some others said “what you are doing is propaganda to gain popularity” while others said ” You failed and this is to cover your failure.” another new soft attacks by both some Arabs and Zionests “we are unfollowing ArabCrunch because it is now a political blog.”

We refuted at the beginning of this post the political allegations, but we do not know which is true “are we losing popularity because we uncovered parts of the CIA and Zionists plots against ArabCrunch, or are we gaining??” Did we fail or are you at our glory?

Again all these claims are designed to mislead and confuse the silent majority of mostly American and European men and woman who refuse tyranny and blackmail to stop following ArabCrunch and to discredit us from any credibility with multiple contradicting claims and deceptions!

Its 100% true that our resources are not a match at any level to those who attacked us and to those of the US federal government or to those of the Zionist moment. We do not have half a billion to spend to buy one of the world’s top hosting companies. We can not pressure governments or orchestrate coupes ( even if we did we will never.) But our operational costs are low, even though the attackers are making their best to cut any chance of our growth or existence. Whether they are sources of news or revenues that can cover our costs. But our traffic is all times high, Generally, success or failure of any websites is based on traffic growth and We got that! All the thanks to God and then to you the reader. But US Admin is pressuring advertisers not to advertise on ArabCrunch.

It is true that we are not at the size of Aljazeera, it is true we are not a political blog, which we were wondering why would they attack us? are we a threat to US national Security? Are we a threat to Zionist Security and control on the world? We are not terrorists for sure, we have a nobel cause in helping entrepreneurs and geeks in the Muslim world and all over the world. But the CIA, Mossad or Zionism do not just attack or try to recruit political figures or Main stream TV stations in the Muslim world. Or only head of states. If you read the Entrepreneurship in Banana republic post you will know that they try to recruit or attack businesses and the media. The Social media front is nothing new to them with their attacks on Millatfacebook.

To conclude, one of the claims is that Arabs live under “conspiracy theory” and that ” in that part of the world ( Muslim world) often when they fail, they start to play the victim side!”

The truth is that conspiracy theory is no more theory when facts in the ground exist, conspiracy is lived everyday in the Muslim world, Why Palestinians were driven from their homes and land confiscated on almost daily bases? Why Palestinian Muslims and Christen woman and men are humilated in Israeli prisons and check points every day? Are they super powers? are they not victims or are the playing the victim side? did the 2 million innocent Iraqi children, women, men and the elderly, plaid the victim side? when the US federal government war machine systematically murdered all of them?

We have no political affiliations at ArabCrunch nor an ideology, we don’t consider anyone as enemy even the US administration and for sure we do not enjoy writing about the CIA Mossad and Zionism plots against us.

But we have the right to expose those who attack us and inform the public about “how things are being done with Obama’s promise to the Muslims world.” ArabCrunch was not the only site whose leadership is from an independent Muslim and Arab background, Millatfacebook was attacked by the same group: CIA and Zionism.

We want peace and we do not want to be involved in any politics, we are not just another commercial startup, ArabCrunch is a cause, our mission is to drive entrepreneurship and tech innovation in the Muslim world and the globe. And this mission requires to inform the public how things are being done in these 2 frontiers.

We are not anti- American or Anti Semitic, we are anti- injustice tyranny and blackmail of special interests at the US government. “Israel” is put into quotations simply because that area is a conflict area, this is not a political statement.

We understand carefully that CIA and Zionism will launch a strong retaliation against AC and Gaith Saqer bigger than just tweets for exposing their crimes and find out who our sources of leaks are. The nature of retaliation will be the usual fabrication of crimes that often happen to political opposition in most third world countries. When that time comes ( seems very soon), then the same people ( and new faces) who launched these smear propaganda against AC and its founder, will come yet again, to justify every byte of the fabrication.

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  1. Terry Floyd Johnson  |  October 10th, 2010 at 12:07 AM #

    It is not to hard to believe that the US Government, and its tentacles, would want to stop any kind of links, they feel is prejudiced against the US. They are attacking peace and antiwar activists in the US, which they do everytime there is a war, and Americans don’t go along with it, let’s try to silence them. They use lies, to get courts to okay warrants so they can go in and take computers, etc., if not to find anything, to scare the ones not holding to the official line of America.
    The CIA, and every other intelligence agency and homeland security, exist to protect those in power, and not the people. Americans are expected to toe the line, and be good little american robots, and do whatever the government says.
    The attack of Arab Crunch is no different, they will do whatever they can to silence it, because it goes against American political interests, like american radio stations for other countries, and any pirate radio stations are suspect, and they want to silence them, they want only official propaganda going out to other countries, which show how much america wants to help them, so the wealthy can come in and steal the natural resources of the countries wanting America’s help.
    America is a facist country in its government, but it has the outline to be a truly futuristic, and people powered country, if it citizens speak out and don’t back a wealthy backed war or wars, to expand American greed to the whole world.
    Good luck!

  2. Expose em  |  October 10th, 2010 at 6:23 AM #

    when Israel launched its war on gaza last year they used to spam Twitter with propaganda, no different what those people are doing.

    Nice coining a new term: most of these people are paid social media mercenaries. This is what they are lol Those Arabs should be shamed for working for the CIA and zioneset agenda.

  3. Amad  |  October 14th, 2010 at 8:34 PM #

    Please keep uncovering the plot. We need to know the truth. Im sure there is a bigger secret out there 🙂

  4. @Twitter Giving Admin Access to the CIA/FBI/Mossad/NSA and Other Agencies to Our Twitter Accounts? - ArabCrunch  |  October 27th, 2010 at 11:06 PM #

    […] feel suspicious because we’ve been seeing retweets and replies from mostly social media Arab mercenaries and not normal tweets! Those tweets were designed to install confusion in our staff mind as a […]

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