FACTS on the GROUND: Track West Bank Illegal Israeli Settlements on iPhone & the Web

2 Oct, 2010

Since 1967 “Israel” has been confiscating land from the indigenes Palestinian inhabitants of occupied westbank and Jerusalem (Alquds)  and building settlements on top of them for new illegal jewish migrants.

Americans for peace now a US adjunct to Jewish Israeli Peace Now organization has launched an iPhone and web google maps mashup to track those settlements and their expansion called: APN Facts on the Ground Map Project.

Facts on the Ground enables users to view and filter Jewish Settlements based on areas that have full or partial control by Palestinian authority , view each Settlement, symbolized by little blue houses on the map, once clicked on one of them , icon gives its land area. A second click brings up a window with more details: the year it was established, population, ideology (or lack of), character (secular or religious), amount of ‘private Palestinian land’ it occupies, and a graph that tracks its population growth.

APN intends to update the map regularly with new information, including the establishment of outposts and their dismantlement, and violent incidents on the part of Palestinians and settlers. and plans to turn it into a real time info app.

The app is available English on for free the web and for the iPhone and iPad, Android and a hebrew version in the works.

Peace now says that their goal from this app “is to revolutionize the debate over settlements, breaking through polemics and spin, to anchor the discussion in the facts.”

This is another example how iPhone and google maps have been used for social causes.

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  1. Othergreat app ideas  |  October 2nd, 2010 at 2:23 PM #

    Great app we are looking for other great iPhone app on the same theme:

    – an iPhone app that tracks the native indians tribes that were wiped by white savages in america since 400 years, it should also track the locations were 60 million native indians were massacred by the white savages ( illegal migrants who toke their land)

    – An app that tracks down the location and timeline of the 10s of coups the CIA has orchestrated around the world.

    – An app that tracks the location and timeline of the 2 million Iraqis the US army, its private security mercenary companies and US allied Shiite Militias have killed in Iraq.

    – An app that tracks secret CIA jails in Arab countries.

    – an app that tracks Zionist companies individuals in USA with google map mashup.

    – An app that tracks Zionist history in blackmailing free American Politicians, businessmen, companies and the media in USA.

    – An app that tracks American led jails in Iraq.

    – An app that tracks the names, location of Muslim men and woman that were raped by the CIA and the US army, Names of the perpetrators is very important.

    -An app that tracks down the Iraqi scientist that were killed by the Mossad.

    -An app that offer and interactive timeline of the “free” mason under ground movement.

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