Saying it is “Unproductive”: National Security Advisor Pradeep Refuses ArabCrunch Interview Request!

20 Sep, 2010

National Security counsel of the united state of America is part of the whitehouse and is used as a forum for US national security and foreign policy issues. Its members include top US executives such as the President and US army chief.

Pradeep Ramamurthy is Senior Director for Global Engagement at the National Security Council and is in charge of Obam’s entrepreneurship plans for the Muslim world.

Around 2 weeks ago, we asked US embassy council if we can have an interview with Pradeep via email but he replied back that Pradeep has refused. we asked why? he told us he thinks it would not be productive?

Why it would not be productive? This is not the right answer to send to the media. Does “not productive” means he thinks that our questions might be hard for him to answer and that ArabCrunch will not be a propaganda platform for his policies?

We do not know, but Pradeep past job is with the US intelligence community as being a senior FBI aid. We wonder why someone with FBI background is handling entrepreneurship with relevance to the Muslim world? is it to make sure that Arab and Muslim entrepreneurs are not terrorist? are 1,5 billion Muslim doomed as terrorists and have to prove they are not by joining the US government? and kiss hands?

Does Pradeep’s “no productive” means that final decision to destroy ArabCrunch -and its founder as our U.S Department of defense and State Department sources have informed us, -is made and final at the highest executives authorities in the Obama’s administrations.

Is the US government retaliation a is imminent and fabricated pretexts to take us down can not rolled back?

knowing that we tweeted at the time of that we advice those who plot against AC to stop their plots before it is too late. ” we did not mean anyone in specific”

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