Dubai Chief Police: BlackBerry Ban is Due to “Israeli” & US Spying On The Country

3 Sep, 2010

In a meeting at the house of Dr. Saed Salamn head of Ajamn network Dhahi Khalfan Tamim Dubai Police chief said that United States of America is the first beneficiary from absence of BlackBerry surveillance in his country, and said that USA has an interests in Spying in his country.

Al Tamami showed before evidence of “Israeli Mussad” intelligence agents being behind an assignation which took place in Dubai early this year killing a senior Hamas Military members.

Tamimi added that “the west” has acused us that we have curbed BlackBerry users’ liberty while USA, UK, “Israel” and other countries are allowed to access all users data. Al Tamimi remarks in the meeting was published by Alkhaleej newspaper (Arabic link.)

In the meeting that gathered some of top telecom, IT and education executives in the country, the speakers asked for establishing tech research centers in the country to support decision makers and stressed the need for local engineers to handle sensitive data, as Dr. Mansour Al Our cited that information security  is very important now a days, he cited examples of information leakage one of them in 2005 and 1997 with Israeli spying on US President Bill Clinton and on the US State Department, he cited Bill Clinton Monica Lewinsky case as another example of Israeli spying in the united states of America. saying that Israel has provided components to computers that were used by US security and its political branches.

Other speakers like Ibrahim Shamsi head of communications wondered why UAE government seeks help from foreign experts to assess and laydown plans for its branches IT needs while there is existing local talent?

Saudi Arabia has reached an agreement with BlackBerry to get access to users data, our sources with relevance to telecom operators in region told us that UAE and BalckBerry are expected to reach such agreement at the end of the road. UAE said before they are banning BB by next month.

(Discolors: Unfortunately US State Department is a competitor to ArabCrunch.)

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