Can Entrepreneurship Really Work In Dictatorship Banana Republics?

25 Sep, 2010

Banana Republics referees to CIA run dictatorship countries in latin America, where the government with elite businessmen work together via exploiting the poor population to profit from Banana exports in partnerships with few American businesses. Both the dictator government and the local businessmen are CIA agents.

There are other countries around the world that have the charisma of the banana republics they do not necessarily export banana, but they run via dictatorships in partnership with small elite corrupt businessmen who together with the government split the countries; “spoils.”

In most third world countries banana republics are the prevalent form of government, they are essentially police run states but with puppet parliaments to fake the population and the world that the citizens of that country have “choice.”

There are 2 forms of banana republics obvious dictatorships where political opposition are thrown to jail under very clear fake pretexts designed to terrorize the population and the undercover banana republics.

The undercover banana republic is more dangerous because they deceive the outside world of being a modern country, free government and that people have choice!!!

But how banana republics work and how they control their population and deceive the world that they are “modern” and “free”?

well, first in both forms of modern banana republics they both control the political system, the economy and the media.

Spy agencies: In both clear dictatorship banana republics and and undercover dictatorships most of government spending is on intelligence agencies and staff. how these agencies operate? and how do they recruit? well, blackmail is the name and report based payment or “project” based payments are what is used as a salary scale, depending in the report and the project “of interest.”

Corrupt Business: In both forms of banana republics, the elite political community is very much involved in business, their government political power is used to help them run their business, via winning government bids, taking over newly privatized government companies or projects and they have their private sector partners to also help them in business. In banana republics both parties are part of the intelligence agencies. Now when a certain businessman or woman cross a certain line or refuse a certain order. Political decision is made to get red of him and his business and this is done via fabricating evidence that put him in jail for a long time. Or using a certain card they were holding against him/her in certain corruption case they knew about.

Now if the person did not have any illegal business practice, a new law will take effect by a government, the law will look like a good law but will hide certain elements that would put his business at risk. If that did not work they will resolve to other methods such as using females (temptation) or beat him on the street as a warning or cause him to think he is crazy and put him in mental hospital.

Political Parties: In both forms of banana republics they have other political parties. in the harsh form, they are the non-rolling party but they are not opposition, in the undercover banana republic they do have opposition parties, but those parties are cornered, all their members specially in the top are under surveillance and in most cases they are working for the government to fake the public that they are opposition. The second line of command and what is under they are not just under surveillance but often called for questioning by the inelegance agencies. Leadership of political oppositions and their families are also under surveillance and different methods are used to recruit their direct family members.

In both forms of banana republics they host opposition of other countries, some as direct opposition and some indirect. these oppositions forces are highly infiltrated and used to not just collect information about the other countries but also to blackmail when it is necessary.

In some forms of undercover banana republics the mainstream opposition (if it is Islamic for example) are banned to ensure that they can not operate freely and grow in popularity and that would threaten the current dictatorship and their private business partners.

Elections: In undercover banana republic they do have elections and they do have parliament, but how does the govemrnt make sure they do not lose power in the parliament? first they design election laws that would make it impossible for the main opposition to gain majority and if that did not work. fabricating elections results are commonly used.

Other intelligence communities: in undercover banana republics, not just politicians and their corrupt businessmen partners work for the intelligence agencies also lawyers and labor union leaders, not all of them but many.

Media: in harsh banana republics the media are state run and only very few private sector media outlets are allowed they also beam government propaganda of being “great” and the opposition are a bunch of criminals. Media are being used to brainwash the public and insure that the public opinion are not against the regime. In harsh banana republic, the public knows that the media is from government. but they say nothing knowing what would be the price.

in Undercover banana republic there is both state run media and the private sector media. however the private media is no different than the government media as their owners are government spies or obey government direct threats and orders and most of the column writers are also government spies. In Good “movies” undercover banana republics, you find different column writer: one who is pro Islam or other religion as a solution, one as pro freedom from religions and secularism.

The first is used to run government agenda by directing and deceiving the public into a certain government of islam or other religion that does not belong to the regional.

The other columnist job is deceive the public that Islam and other religions are “no good”.. terrorists, extremists, woman oppressors etc.

Banana Republics and Social Media:

Since you reading ArabCrunch you know that the Internet and specially new media has reshaped media for over. Facebook has over 500 million users, Twitter around 100 million, video and photo sharing and the growing spread of mobiles with cameras has made shooting and posting videos and pics as they happen. Want to criticize your banana republic start a blog in few minutes for free or post a comment on a forum.

With Social media nothing is hidden, the tools that the banana republics government had to control the media are out dated. news of corruption and abuse of power spread in seconds with Retweets. So how did banana republics deal with social media?

some banned youtube flicker all together. Some other entered social media to deceive the public that we are “engaged” and open with our people ( as long as under our control” and launched certain laws that would criminalize any citizen from even a Tweet!

Other used brought force to beat and kill anyone who think of posting anything that shows government corruption.

Now there is big talks about entrepreneurship specially after Obama’s summit. in the Arab world and there are few VCs and angel investors. but many of them are the same old school mafia guys who run corrupt deals with the government and work for their agenda. We are not mentioning any Arab regime here, we are not accusing any government of being a banana republic- CIA run. “no”

knowing all that would entrepreneurship work in banana republics? intelligence community is not just in politics, but also economy and media, would entrepreneurship really work? and how?

Please do not comment with a name of an Arab country that you think or is a CIA based banana republic, so we do not get blocked in those countries or even worse sent into jail. However since Twitter is not owned by us and Banana republic law does not affect them, feel free to mention country names there.

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  1. Ahmad  |  September 25th, 2010 at 2:36 PM #

    Im quite interested to know your view about some Arab countries.. Alot of them have the reputation of being Banana republics. Do you agree?

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  3. Dee Jann  |  October 4th, 2010 at 3:06 AM #

    It is a very significant subject and overlooked by so many writers, even experts. I thank you for your help getting people more aware of that subject.

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