BREAKING: New Revelations On CIA/Mossad and The Global Zionist Movement Plots Against ArabCrunch

25 Sep, 2010

ArabCrunch over Twitter around a week ago said that AC’s founder was aware he was under surveillance, he confirmed that he was aware since several months ( might mean 5-7 or 20 or 40:) (surveillance: that does not necessarily mean on the ground or just online by NSA, we do not comment at this point for security reasons.)
The leak from the US State Department and US department of Defense about Obama’s administration criminal plans (CIA) to destroy ArabCrunch are a security alert to those agencies and their dogs, as such the agency and its dogs would look for sources of the leaks and any evidence.

We mentioned for the first time in the last post who is behind the terrorist DDoS attacks and criminal hack of ArabCrunch blog. Now we will reveal more plots, as all these plots were designed to force ArabCrunch founder to become a CIA agent or remove him from the leadership position or get red of him in one way or another or destroy ArabCrunch with anyway, whether by blocking advertisers from advertising on AC so there are no revenues and we go bankrupt, or to the level of cutting the line of communications for ArabCrunch have with the outside the world, by manipulating our email on google ( we did not talk about Voice yet).

The CIA/Mossad and the global Zionist movement are ready to go at any level to destroy AC. The Zionist infiltration of United States of America is a secret to too many Americans, the way they operate is no different than they way Banana republics operates: control key power elements: Media, Economy then you control politics.

In 1997 the world hottest news was about Bill Clinton Monika Laynski Scandal, The US president was blackmailed by this young Jewish girl, she had her shirt with the “evidence” for 2 years! why? because she was a trap (card) to be used when needed.

Some say in USA that the blackmail was orchestrated by the Israeli Prime Minister Natneyaho, Monika is a member of an Israeli Party and when she went back to “Israel” she was greeted with flowers and roses as a hero who saved “Israel.” We mentioned in the last post, that the father of Gaith Saqer the founder of ArabCrunch is Dr. Mohammad Saqer a senior Muslim BrotherHood leader, and was an ex-president of Islamic university of Gaza.

  • Dr. Mohmmaed Saqer is believed to be a former Hamas leader during his stay in Gaza in the 1980s. in the 1980s and during Dr. Mohammad presidential period of Islamic University in Gaza he was a target for several assassination attempts. He lives in Jordan and teaches at the University of Jordan.

Again we stress, AC’s founder Gaith is NOT a member of Muslim brotherhood or Hamas or any political parties. AC’s founder is not involved in any politics. But his job requires him to meet people from different walks of life. That does not mean he agree with anyone point of view or believes.

The Mossad is always actively fresh for new recruits as a recent announcement reveled that they have succeed in recruiting a son of a Hamas leader. Mossad tries to recruits not just Hammas leaders but their direct family members. Not just that anyone they can add as an asset. and Not just Mossad tries to recruit other Arab Intelgance agncies and the ICA too.

  • One of ArabCrunch American fans who owns shares in one of the most poplar sites in USA has been facing several lawsuits.

We asked him if those are because of his support to AC, he said “Yes extreme Israelis are behind this!” The guy is not Muslim or Arab by the way!

  • CIA acquired ArabCrunch hosting company

ArabCrunch was in negotiations with a major hosting company in Texas: Softlayer, the hosting deal would bring salable server bandwidth to serve AC’s growing visits. We were waiting for this deal to happen because we had a deal with another company that would bring us 10s of millions of visits per month and potentially make us the number 1 blog or 2 in all categories ahead of Huffington Post. Negotiations with the hosting company took sometime and was about to close when we were close to close the deal, boom a private equity firm comes and acquires softlayer!!! And who is this private equity firm?

It is GI Partners a firm that has secured $4.0 billion of capital commitments on behalf of recognized institutional private equity and real estate investors in the U.S., Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

GI Partners is CIA front for its business, spy and military operations, GI Partners runs an imam program to brain wash Iraqi prisoners and destroy their well, a common tactic used before by clonal powers such as UK the program name is Russian and East European Partnerships (REEP) Inc., REEP/OSS Web site, also offers “intelligence support operations.”

A REEP Inc. Web site announced in August 2008, for example: “Counter Intelligence Agents – Urgently needed. – There is a unique opportunity to serve the United States as an interrogator and Counter Intelligence Agent as part of a rebuilding effort in Iraq.” (This REEP Web site has been taken down since asked a REEP official about the ad in August, and the REEP web address now transfers visitors to a combined REEP/OSS Web site.) So Basically did GI Partners blocked our partnership with Softayer? well since the deal went south after GI become the owner. We believe so. Now we are hosted with a CIA owned company.

  • CIA/Mossad Accessed and tampered ArabCrunch EMAIL

That means not only the CIA and Mossad have access to our google email but the CIA have direct access to our server! Very nice! We mentioned before that the CIA and the Mossad had access to our email, now also confirmed: our server, We know that certain data that belong to us else where has been played with, and since there are thousands of files we do not know what else was added or deleted. Probably not just to fabricate crimes against AC’s founder and AC but also to wipe of any evidence of their passing by!

  • Former Israeli Army Solider is one of the people behind Obama’s Entrepreneurship Plan

Former Israeli Army solider (six years in the Artillery Forces) Mickey Bergman is a major architect of Obama’s and the US State department “Muslim entrepreneurship engagement plans” Founder and President of the Solel Strategic Group (SSG) Current clients include: the Clinton Global Initiative, the Aspen Institute (jointly with the U.S. Department of State), New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson, the Robert Redford Center at Sundance, and J Street.

Completed contracts also included the Reut Institute, former Member of Knesset Ami Ayalon, the American Jewish World Service, the Elders, and the University of Utah. He also works Aspen Institute as Director of the US-Palestinian Partnership (UPP).

With the Governor he helped negotiate a “ceasefire” between the government of Sudan and local Darfur militias He continues to work in collaboration with Governor Richardson as his Foreign Policy Advisor to the Middle East and Africa.

Aspen Institute is the main think tank behind Obama’s engagement and tech plan for the Muslim world: this person who is involved “very much” with these “efforts” is a former Israeli army soldier.

  • Coupe attempt in certain Arab Country in September linked to the CIA

One of our friends is an Arab foreign minster, we asked him to help us get signatures from other Arab and non Arab foreign ministers in the illegal and the obviously now unfair competition from the Obama’s admin.

He promised to raise the issue with secretary general of Arab league and make it a discussion issue in the next meeting of Arab foreign Minster which ended last week! Boom, coupe attempt in that country! email does not arrive to his inbox and no much wording from him!

  • Other Plots:

The other plots that the some CIA criminals did from leaking wrong news that we know that they are wrong, but they leaked them in-order to make us write about them which would bring our coverage trust down.

The other plots were designed to confuse AC’s founder and make him think “even by force that he is hallucinating” one more! the CIA and Mossad pigs have started a counter campaign on new blogs, or via tweets making fun of AC and trying their best to confuse the public that “who is AC” it is nothing! no cares about you! Well we are something, and Obama is determent with his entrepreneurship plan to engage Muslims in “a very nice way” as the case with AC and the case or Iraqi Journalists.

  • Former FBI Director Running Obama’s “Engagement” with Muslims

Oh this effort is run by Former senior FBI executive at the US nationally security advisor. FBI are “nice people!” It is not just ArabCrunch, every Muslim tech Startup should submit to Zionist and CIA well or out of business. It happened to others but they did not publicly talk about it. We did! and we are almost done!

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  1. xatax  |  September 26th, 2010 at 10:33 AM #

    1. Buy your own servers and storage.
    2. Setup your datacenter somewhere safe.
    3. Host everything in your datacenter.
    4. Harden and secure your Databases, OS’s, and Applications.

  2. Infinite Liberal  |  September 27th, 2010 at 12:13 AM #

    Exterminate all Jews everywhere.

  3. American Convert  |  October 6th, 2010 at 6:02 AM #

    If your American friends got multiple lawsuits, for your support, and until now ArabCrunch or Gaith did not get any, why? because it seems you did not give them any chance of doing anything illegal.

    However, they will go to their last resort, fabricate crimes against AC and its founder, since they as you said tampered ArabCrunch email and your hardware, well expect anything, they can enter your house while you are sleeping, run your PC or laptop and Boo. He sent that message!!! You do not live in a free country, your government is a dictatorship. Since you are not a US citizen you have no right.

    I heard they accused political oppositions of coupes attempt and found bombs in their homes even though they are monitored 24/7!!!

    What they will do now is destroy your image, like they did to Khaled Saed: call you a pervate, a drug addict, ( they can inject you and then OH on testing we found some drugs in his blood) then they will call you a terrorist, and a thieve! only thieves work with the CIA, the real terrorist are CIA agents.

    These techniques are not new, look at wikileaks there are doing this to its founder the CIA doc was leaked. You and wikileaks are not new, this is always been the case in how the CIA and Mossad deal with their enemies or people who expose them.

    In Iraq they call freedom fighters who fight to liberate their land as terrorist, and went to a new step they said they killed Muslims so they stripe them from public support among Muslims, the CIA bombed civilian muslims in Iraq and blamed freedom fighters in doing so. And as you mentioned in this post GI partners send “Imamas” to brainwash Iraqis that fighting occupation forces is unislamic, meaning that Islam accept slavery to human-beings!

    Most Americans do not know how the CIA operates overseas they like to think that they are good. but they are worse the Satan him self they have no ethics what so ever, they kill, rape, fabricate crimes ….turn a mother or a father against their son, brother and sister against their brother.

    Muslims do know that US government is a lier and do know that it is not a conspiracy theory: because USA occupies Iraq killed over 2 million people, supports Israel who oppress Palestinians take their land kill them, supports CIA poppet Arab goverment who oppress their nations and have their secret police in every aspect of the populations life.

    In afghanistan the CIA runs a complete drug rings and sell them in Europe, KAaazi’s brother is one of these people. By the way Karazi used to own a restaurant in California and then he become a president over night!

    And it is true many Muslims say no US gov is good and “believe” all this not right! those are what God called in the Quran Hypocrites.

    People think if you get out of politics you will be safe, no obama’s engagement plan is to convince Muslims that US government occupation of their land is good, by showing some good and some funding to startups, haha but they have to be CIA agents.

    I really support Gaith, and salut him for showing that human dignity and freedom of refusing to be a CIA or Zionist spy is above worth all these risks.

    You showed some facts here it is not a conspiracy: GI partner is a CIA company blocked your deal, the most recent coup attempt in any Arab country was in Bahrain

    and there were tweets exchanged publicly with Bahrain’s PM and that of ArabCrunch account.

    Gaith I do not know if you wrote this post or not, but for sure, now the decision to get red of you has been made. Your days are numbered.

    I hope you will be an example to anyone in tech to fight and refuse Zionist and CIA blackmail.

    What I think Gaith wanted to say: if we all say no to blackmail and to tyranny we all will be free, if we submit we will be slaves for another 1000 years.

  4. Iraqi  |  October 6th, 2010 at 6:17 AM #

    Why did America invade Iraq? well everyone knows that their are no WMD in IRaq, in fact US forces used them at least in the second Fallwjja Battle. And everyone knows that USA did not librate Iraq’s from a dictator, they killed 2 million civilanis much more than any dictator governed Iraq since 2000 years!

    It is because Saddam refused to be a CIA agent and Iraq was building a scientific base that would help it become a powerful country that can counter Israel.

    Many reports talked about the Mossad work in assasining most Iraqi scientist in Iraq.

    Now Obama wants to bring science to Muslims. But would he allow them to be used so they won their freedom from his CIA run governments ? NO.

    ArabCrunch meet Iraq’s fate because you guys said no. May God be with you.

  5. Fadi  |  October 6th, 2010 at 6:28 AM #

    These criminals and rapist need to go to prison :

    Leon Panetta CIA Director

    Robert S. Mueller III, FBI Director

    Happy that Rahm Emanuel Obama’s chief of staff are out, it is linked to AC? 🙂

    Hope Pradeep Ramamurthy will follow step and resign in dignity for this scandal that shows how criminal and dictator the CIA and Zionist are. Pradeep Ramamurthy has complelety failed in his job. Go home boy.

  6. @Twitter Giving Admin Access to the CIA/FBI/Mossad/NSA and Other Agencies to Our Twitter Accounts? - ArabCrunch  |  October 27th, 2010 at 11:12 PM #

    […] since we are under cruel assault by the US administration and its CIA along with the Zionist movement and certain…” We raised a very legitimate question whether the CIA, Mossad and any other intelligence […]

  7. brandasics  |  June 28th, 2011 at 10:17 AM #

    great article, i clearly enjoy this page, keep it.

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