Blackmail 2.0: US Administration Pressures Advertisers to Bankrupt ArabCrunch

25 Sep, 2010

We were about to close several long term advertising campaigns from several advertisers from Jordan and the region. The money that to be made from these deals were planned to be used to cover our cost, hire new talent to help us accelerate our growth rate and in achieving our mission of helping build the ecosystem in the Muslim world along with helping entrepreneurs, geeks and tech professionals of any nationality or religion in Africa, USA EU and anywhere in the world.

All of those long terms advertisers canceled their partnership plans or “postponed them”, with excuses that we do not have “budgets now” (knowing that they do) or “our marketing agency advised us to postpone for later!!!!”

However 2 of the main advertisers were out spoken to pin point the main reason behind the cancelation.

The first one involves an Arab CEO of a major non tech company that is relevant with …… he said “we do not deal with people who deal with politics” he also told ArabCrunch founder “You started ArabCrunch with 2 dollars you will end living off 2 dollars.” he also said there is no CIA after you!”

This represent pure blackmail, because that person has been involved in meeting many high level US administration officials including attending the US presidential summit on entrepreneurship. Dealing with the US government is dealing with politics. So how come he comes and say we do not deal with people who deal with politics?? At ArabCrunch we did not deal with politics and never dealt with it, we have no political affiliation of what so over. Our focus is on tech and entrepreneurship.

But again politics came to us, represented by the current US administration with its State department competing project with AC. As we said before our sources with relevance to US Department of Defense informed us with the US administrations intentions ” with us or against us” not with us meaning we will destroy you.

This is real threats and the public needs to know about this type of blackmail. We can not be bombed and say “all is well!” it is complete hypocrisy from that person in telling us not to deal with politics and mention to us there is no CIA after ArabCrunch and its founder. Does that person work with the CIA to know if they are against us or not? if the answer is no, then he is not in position to say so.

We intentionally at this stage did not reveal the identity of that person, some call him chief Arab Entrepreneurs Officers, while others call him chief blackmail Officer. That person who is also an angel investor in several tech companies. We were told he was involved in blackmailing some startups to gain more “equity.” Hint: he lives or stay in “Jordan.” for several months a year.

For that person, we have recorded his threats, But some “parties” have infiltrated “certain hardware” and wiped of the recording along with other data. Why would they care about him to wipe of his recording? that makes you sure who he really works for!!!

We do not rollout the possibility we had backup for the conversation stored somewhere not in Jordan or Egypt.

As for the other party, he is a business developer with a certain Arab Venture Capital firm (VC), The party spent around more than half an hour convincing one of our staff that “the Hillary’s post is wrong and that there is no one against AC and AC’s founder Gaith Saqer.” His conversation nature were the type of conversation designed to extract information from one of our staff including the sources names and identity. AC, its staff and its founder will never reveal under any situation.

After the conversation the other party informed  one of our staff that the long term partnership deal is canceled and no advertising spent on AC, and said oh it is not relevant to Hillary’s post!

We called the second party’s boss and informed him about what the second party did to us. The boss said that we are committed to support startups site in the region such as ArabCrunch and startupArabia. We advice his boss to fire-him, because after experience such people real loyalty is not to the company they work for but to the “agency” they work with. When orders are given, he/she is ready to go against any business interest including plotting to destroy it.

We know that the 2 parties are reading this post right now. We tell this this unjust, but they do not know what does the word “justice” means in the first place.

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  1. Despite the Plots ArabCrunch Grows by 50% in Augest Now Strong at 150,000 Page Views - ArabCrunch  |  September 25th, 2010 at 12:38 AM #

    […] Thank you all for your support, those milestone are not enough to many to advertise on ArabCrunch even though we are a niech.!!!!! […]

  2. WezWez  |  September 25th, 2010 at 1:06 AM #

    Rest in peace Arabcrunch ..

    U Won’t Be Missed … as long as you keep on typing this type of messages …

  3. truth  |  September 25th, 2010 at 1:09 AM #

    Obama is a cheif of decption. his promise of “change” is to use CIA methods to contorl muslims politically, economcally and contorl thier media. Nothing new from the govemermnet that killed 2 million people in Iraq, nothing new from the goverment that rapes Mulsims in secerat CIA presons.

    This is Obama’s new begning with Muslims: Blackmail and decption.

  4. Gaith Saqer  |  September 25th, 2010 at 2:15 AM #

    WezWes i am really glad that there are some few people who are full of hate like you who read ArabCrunch. I will not miss reading your hatfull comment too you know!

    Again, comments that defende the CIA and Mossad will not be allowed unless full name with full and valid profile URL is submited. we allowed this comment to show an example of people with “hate” who are happy for the plots that amin to end us.

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  6. Yasser  |  September 27th, 2010 at 10:39 AM #

    what a crazy world we are living in.
    good luck Gaith and AC staff.
    I will support you 🙂

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