Pentagon Asks Wikileaks to “Do The Right Thing”

6 Aug, 2010

The Pentagon has asked Wikileaks the site that posted around 90,0000 US military logs of 6 years archive of the war in Afghanistan to do “the right thing” and remove the log.

The New Work Times reported that Geoff Morrell, the Pentagon press secretary saying the logs gave Taliban and other militant groups access into US military tactics and techniques and revealed the names of the Afghan informants.

The Pentagon is worried about 15,000 more secret documents the site plans to post in addition to potentially others.

The U.S government has set- off a criminal inquiry led by the army and the F.B.I as 80 analysts from the US military and the F.B.I working to analyze the log file and its “damage.”

Geoff Morrell call has no meaning now since  the war logs has been also available  for around 20 days for free download on in different formats such as: CSV (15 MB), MYSQL ( 16 MB) and HTML (75 MB)

The site founder Julian Assang rejected repeatedly the U.S goverment acquisitions  saying the logs showed “thousands” of war crimes that may have been committed in Afghanistan.”We are familiar with groups whose abuse we expose attempting to criticise the messenger to distract from the power of the message.”

WikiLeaks posted on Torrent recently  an encrypted 1.4-gigabyte  file as an “insurance” in case the site goes on the dark.

The Pentagon has acted in perplex manner, as reports after the site leaked the famous Baghdad Video of Iraqi civilians were alleged to have been killed by U.S. forces,  suggested that his life is under danger and then news broke that a US official was quoted saying “we like his cooperation.”

The Guardian reported that earlier this year, “Wikileaks published a US military document which disclosed a plan to “destroy the centre of gravity” of Wikileaks by attacking its trustworthiness.”

Wikileaks was founded in 2007 and run by volunteers, the site’s  servers are hosted in Sweden where laws in the country protect “leaks”.  The site which has been under financial shortages partnered recently with Flattr, a Sweden based startup that is  affiliated with the Pirate Bay and provides a micropayment platform that helps people share small amount of money to other websites called “Flattrs”, the Wikileaks Afghanistan war diary has collected hundreds of flattrs so far. As the site seems as an unstoppable force in the world’s media.

Should Wikileaks “do the right thing” or “the right thing is to continues leaking”?

#Julian Assang Photo credits.

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  1. Gaith Saqer  |  August 6th, 2010 at 3:42 PM #

    The site reported an explosive increase in “leaks” after posting the Afghanistan war logs.

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