Updated: Dushare: Cloud Based P2P File Sharing App

18 Aug, 2010

Update: this site might be of a security risk, the site marketing personnel refused to provide us with his full  name or send us more details related  to security.

They finally responded and here is the update:

Update 2:

We got this response from Dushare marketing team:

How do you close the connection?
1. The connection is closed as soon as the second peer refreshes his page after recieving file or closing the browser page.

if the link is there in the cloud? how would we know that the user PC is not wide open to you guys or anyone?

He is not open, we have implemented a 128-bit encryption algorith on the transferred packets.

Another thing, the link can only be picked by one peer, no one else can coonect to it. You can also password-protect your files. And ones the sender leaves our page or doesn’t send another thing. All connections are closed.

Let me explain in details:

1. You pick a file, it gets prepped up and url is produced for you to send it to your friend/other peer.
2. The file link is clicked on directly, http://www.dushare.com#45130 or can be retrieved by entering the code “45130” in the “claim” part.
3. upto to the point the url is produced, no security risk or any ports or sockets are sockets are exposed.
4. When the other peer, click on the url link and connect to you. The data packets are encrypted using a 128-bit AES encryption. This encryption is required for any tampering of data  by a middle man other than the receiving
5.We expose no ports or sockets. Once the other peer picks up the file, no one else can pick up the file and url link is useless. You can even password-protect your files.

The above explains the security part.

As for the connection,

You(sender) identify yourself with an id on the main server with your IP, then when the other peers picks the file, he has an ID, and IP, The actual data packets are transferred directly between ID 234 to ID 434 securely.

We have no control and we cannot intercept the file transfer as its transferred directly from peer 1 to peer2. Even in the case, the data is tampered by a man in the middle. It is encrypted using a 128-bit AES encryption.

I hope that clarifies your security concerns.

Another addition, The url link cannot be picked by more than 1 peer. You can also password protect your files.

Update 3:

From dushare team: “With p2p technology you don’t have access of anytype to the peers pc. It’s simply sending and recieving data packets and decoding them.”

There are different ways to share files with peers, coworkers and friends using tools such as torrents and ex- Google MENA Marketing Manager Nagi Salloum‘s Loomn.it

Dushare brings the concept of P2P (peer 2 peer) to the web and for free, no registration,  just hit upload any file of any-size and then share the key with your friend, he/she can join the link to chat with you while getting the file.

Dushare claims that it does not see your files or chat logs as they rely on secure direct transferee connection between the 2 peers. Dushare also offers the option to protect your files with a password.

Dushare is a product of DuLeaf FZE a United Arab Emirates’s Dubai Silicon Oasis based company. We do not know what is the startup model but we have replied to their coverage request and will let you know if they answer.

On the file sharing front, Infinite USB Memory Drive (IUM) also from Dubai provides unlimited file transfer between devices using WIFI.

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  1. Anonymous  |  August 19th, 2010 at 2:48 PM #

    It works well, great simplification – hope it takes off, good luck!!!

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