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31 May, 2010

Update latest stats as of 4:40 GMT:

  • 21,901 tweets
  • 8,378 contributors
  • 3,128.7 tweets per day
  • 2.2% come from “The Top 10”
  • 63.1% are retweets
  • 69.3% are mentions
  • 36.4% have multiple hashtags.-

Our last post was questioning whether Twitter was censoring tweets with the hashtag #flotilla the aid ships that aimed to break the Israel’s siege on Gaza which the Israeli forces attacked today and killed over 10 civilians.

However after a call from several Twitter users to change the hashtags into #freedomflotilla as of around 2 hours #freedomflotilla #Gazaflotilla are trending. We do not know if flotilla did not trend before because it is a dictionary word that Twitter blocks or not

Flotilla ships carried International peace activists from a number of countries such as Turkey, Swedish, Malaysia and Greek, along members Parliament from around the world, U.N. human rights and trade union activists, as well as journalists has sparked worldwide anger as demonstrations broke across the world and Twitter and social media being a platform again for this news.

Here is AC Guide to this sad event:

Twitter Stats:

from Trendsitc:

Gaza: 0.58% of Tweets worldwide

freedomflotilla around 0.48% of tweets

#flotilla around .85% of Tweets

Other stats from What the HashTag: #Freedomflotilla has

• 6,520 tweets

• 3,017 contributors

• 931.4 tweets per day

• 4.3% come from “The Top 10”

• 59.4% are retweets

• 65.9% are mentions

• 45.5% have multiple hashtags

While I was writing this post the above stats more than doubled to:

  • 16,761 tweets was 6,520 tweets
  • 6,255 contributors
  • 2,394.4 tweets per day
  • 4.8% come from “The Top 10”
  • 64.1% are retweets
  • 73.0% are mentions
  • 42.9% have multiple hashtags

Witnessgaza.com a new website launched by activists shows videos on the flotilla and other info including a google map that tracks the ships and where the incidents are happing on the map. The site has a Twitter Account which tweets updates about flotilla here.


You can use follow on twubs #flotilla for live tweets, pics and vidoes.

TrendsMap has interactive map and view for #foltilla


On YouTube.

if you know any website or app that is relevant please let us  know via a comment so we add it here.

#Pic From Aljazeera English.

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  1. fatin khwarizmi  |  May 31st, 2010 at 5:40 PM #

    i m not surprised about what is happening in Gaza , Israel used to attack civilians & nobody is moving , do you remember SARAH , the young American human rights , they bulldozed her (wearing a florescent jacket) & she was with a group calling for # peace & #love.
    so many Palestinian children and pregnant women that they don’t have any thing relating to military equipment they are just going out for getting a loaf of bred .. as i said ,i m not surprised ,just return back & read carefully the Israeli history & will know !!!!

  2. fatin khwarizmi  |  May 31st, 2010 at 7:22 PM #

    SORRY I MEAN RACHEL CORRIE ! : http://www.rachelcorrie.

  3. Salim  |  July 22nd, 2010 at 11:01 PM #

    If you care for the gazan people:
    a. Don’t send expired medication as this only cause trouble.
    b. make sure you deliver through the UN or the Red Cross because otherwise goods are being confiscated by Hamas which just sell them on to raise money and this never goes to the people who needs it.
    c. make sure it’s actually needed. A lot of people just assume everything is needed although many goods are being sold for half price than in egypt/jordan/lebanon because there is so much. So pay attention to what you choose to donate.
    d. don’t listen to Hamas and Abbas because they steal everything they can and never invest the money in us. A lot of us work in the Israeli settlements, when you ban their products you are actually causing our people to lose a lot of their jobs.

    Thank you
    Salim Abdul-Karem (writing from Gaza)

  4. “Israeli” Prime Minister @Netanyahu Joins Twitter & YouTube, Seems Not Knowing His Way Around! - ArabCrunch  |  August 31st, 2010 at 4:55 PM #

    […] ships headed to beasgaed Gaza strip resulted in killing a number Internettionla activists and that has caused the hashtags #freedomflotilla and #Gazaflotilla to trend on Twitter, despite the few hours  of […]

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