FlashFirebug: Debug Flash Files From Your Browser

24 May, 2010

As HTML 5 is starting to be a new web standard, Adobe flash platform which is used to add animation & video and interactivity to Web pages, is struggling to stay relevant. However there are still millions of flash developers around the world.

For web developers, firebug a firefox add-on is a must as it is used modify web page’s HTML on the fly, debugging JavaScript, modifying CSS and much more.

However flash debugging was not available in firebug, until around 2 weeks ago Jordanian open source development house O-Minds ( Profile on ArabCrunch.NET) released its own open source FlashFirebug package and Firefox extention offering the following features:

•Displays Flash objects as a tree using Adobe element standards to make it familiar for Adobe developers.
• Firebug-like overlay when selecting an element in the tree.
• General information about the object and the class the object inherited from.
• Supports all Flash display objects including UI components and custom components.
• View and edit object properties on the fly!
• Trace output to extension via ominds library with the ability to override the built in trace to redirect its output to the extension.
• Debug multiple Flashes on same page.

To install Flashfire bug and for further instructions you can go here. You can also follow Flashfirebug on Open Source projects profile on ArabCrunch.NET here. According to Ashraf Amayreh O-Minds cofounder  Flash FireBug extension will be officially available on Firefox by end of this week.

Also from Jordan Kinisoft provides secureSWF a Flash encryption and obfuscation tool. ( Kindisoft on ArabCrunch.NET)

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