(VIDEO) Officially: Hamas’ Al-Qassam Enters Social Media with a 3D Video For Gilad Shalit

27 Apr, 2010

It is hard to find an online expert who denies the power of social media in helping anyone with creativity to reach the masses virally and via low cost efforts.

Social media has been one of the main reason behind Obama’s presidential campaign success, and now social media is used by both Israelis, Arabs and Muslims with their varied messages and backgrounds and believes among both parties.

Queen Rania of Jordan entered Twitter and use it to promote her causes starting with child education, the Queen was then followed with a number of arab politcal leaders who seems until now, not that successful twerps.

During the attacks on gaza last year, Twitter has been instrumental battle field between users who wants to end the war and the Israeli defense forces spam bots who was flooding Twitter messages every minute with hashtag #gaza with automated updates.

For Hamas, it seems that sympathetic facebook users have added different groups and fan pages for Hamas political leadership in which facebook went ahead and deleted them all together with no official explanation.

The term social media is not centered only on Twitter and facebook, it revolves about anything online that has a social aspect, this includes Youtube and flickr etc.

On youtube for example, one the ways to promote your company or cause is to post interesting videos that might grow virally as such your companies’ brand or cause will reach a bigger audience.

To that end, Hamas Military Ezzedeen Al-Qassam Brigades seems to understand that aspect, so its media devision went ahead sometime yesterday and posted a 3D video on Youtube with multi lingual translation, this time addressing the Israeli people, rather the Arabic speaking people with Arabic only content.

The 3 minute long 3D movie epics the suffering of the only israeli solider that hammers managed to capture: Gilad Shalit along with his father and pitch a message that the last 3 “Israeli” government prime minsters starting with Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni and now Baby Netanyahu have failed and lied about solving his cause.

The movie that has a “sad theme” starts with he Gilad voice addressing his father mother, family and his fellow comrades at the israeli forces, telling them that he missed them and that he feels sorry that his government and the “Israeli” army did not care about his case.

The movie “reveals” that the only way to release shallot is via prisoner swap exchange as it ends with a seen that when Gilad father receives his son in a coffin but ends with a message “there is hope” “Israel” has around 10,000 Palestinian in its prisons.

From a technical stand point, the 3D movie looks very professional and artistic.

Here is the video:

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  1. Mouhamad  |  April 28th, 2010 at 7:33 AM #

    Very good.

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