“Majed”, The Most Famous Arabic Cartoon Character to Enter the Augmented Reality World

23 Feb, 2010

As I mentioned last year on this post , when I was young, I grow up reading an Arabic Magazine called “Majed” which is based on one of the most popular Arabic children’s comic book character.
Tomorrow, Majed will enter new chapter in his life, as he will enter the Augmented Reality (AR) world via a game. As in a press release we got from Abu Dhabi Media Company (ADMC), the publisher of Majid, reveals that tomorrow’s and March 3 editions of the magazine will feature a special page which, when held up to a webcam, will overlay the users’ real world surroundings with computer generated imagery, creating an interactive ‘mixed reality’ environment.

AR technology, was the buzz word in 2009, it started with by a couple of startups in Europe such as Layar’s ‘augmented reality browser’, an application that shows what is around you by displaying real time digital information on top of reality through the camera of your mobile phone.

In Majed’s case readers will enter a Majid-themed world on their computer screens and even play an interactive racing game with Majid, if they download a special software from Majid.ae and holding up the designated magazine page to their webcams. This will launch an environment, which users will be able to explore by rotating the magazine in front of the webcam, while the game will be controlled via a keyboard.

The ‘magical’ page in the AR-enabled issue of Majid will contain a printed ‘marker’, which, when held up to a webcam, triggers the digital recognition software downloaded from the magazine’s website. This in turn launches an interactive environment allowing users to experience the mixed reality environment.

AR applications such as Majed’s, bring another level of engagement from the audience, in which key advertisers such as BMW, Hugo Boss and Lego, started to explore the AR potentials via different AR apps and characters.
The AR applications is estimated to worth US$350 million by 2014, up from the mere US$ 6million mark in 2008, according to US-based ABI Research.

US-based ABI Research estimates that the industry for US-based ABI Research estimates that the industry for AR applications will be worth US$350 million by 2014, considerably up from the mere US$ 6million mark in 2008.

Abu Dhabi Media Company ‘s Digital Media arm which is run by Ricky Ghai, has been active in the online front with a number of innovative ideas, however in August I objected to their unnecessary Joint Venture with US based Gazillion, because we have regional talents who can carry the required work.

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