Social Media Guide to #ArabCrunch.NET: Mentorship, and How It can Help Entrepreneurs, Techies and the Technology Industry, (Part 1.)

15 Dec, 2009

We launched ArabCrunch.NET around a month ago in private beta. The online Social Platform is the first of its type in the Arab World and beyond dedicated to create an environment that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship and mentorship for Arab and non Arab entrepreneurs and techies. But we did not explain exactly how ArabCrunch.NET can help you and everyone involved in Technology and innovation. We also felt that many people do not understand many things we talked about or have launched at ArabCrunch.NET .

This would be part one of a series of posts that will explain how we can help you.

Since I launched ArabCrunch English (the english blog) over a year and a half ago, I have been in daily contact with entrepreneurs and techies (developers and engineers) across the Arab world and in the West. What I found out, was that these people need help. They need other experienced people to guide them and help them grow to the next level.

Mentorship skitch
For Entrepreneurs, starting a company or a project with an aim to make it a big company, is also a big challenge and   is never an easy task. Whether you got funded or bootstrapped your business, full time or part-time,  still at the idea stage or at the growth level. Starting and growing a technology company involves management and strategy issues, marketing, public relations, sales, legal, accounting, project management, funding and technological issues.

I can go on and explain why each element I mentioned above is important for any company or project to succeed. Just to give you a hint of how they are important; I would ask, can you grow your company without sound marketing plan and execution? PR and social media strategies? or people will just be able to find you? Do you know how to pitch investors and what it involves? Do you need help in having a sound long term business strategy? Do you know when you need to change it?

So for Entrepreneurs we lined up top executives and serial entrepreneurs from world class technology companies in the Arab world, Silicon Valley and other parts of the world, who are willing to share their experiences to  help you achieve your dreams and accomplish your passion.  Those mentors can help you in one or a combination of any of the areas mentioned above such as strategy and funding. Moreover, mentors can help connecting you with others who can play a big role in your business success.

Techies, Geeks and Scientist:

Mentorship is also available for geeks, techies, developers, engineers and tech students. How could they benefit? Well, if you are a student or a junior and wants to develop your technical skills say become a ruby on rails, java, PHP, .NET, or MySQL guru or become an expert in chip engineering and design, technical mentors can help you achieve that goal. If  you are senior engineer, mentorship could also help you if you want to change directions or need to develop a new skill. If you are scientist you can be for example involved in an R&D project, a process that in many cases can be long and challenging, ArabCrunch.NET can provide you with a mentor who has the experience and can help you out.


Getting a mentor is not something to be shy about, no one knows everything, no one is an expert in everything. You can be an expert in one field with x-years of experiance and be a mentor to someone but also at the same time you can be mentee (offered mentoring from others) at another area.
So if you are a startup or a techies go ahead and ask for a mentor by filling this application (if you are already a member or ask for an invite here. ) and we will find you a match. If you think you can help others in one area or more than one area,  you can submit an application to be a mentor and we will also find you a match.

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  1. Adel Youssef  |  December 16th, 2009 at 3:14 AM #

    This is a great step towards pushing startups forward in the Arab world.
    I hope this work is blessed and you achieve your goals.

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