An Arab/ Pakistani iPhone Success: After Reaching 1 Million Users, Bandar and Fahed Launches a Dead Simple 2Do App for the iPhone

17 Oct, 2009


After Reaching the 1 million user mark, the Arab/Pakistani iPhones duo who won the best User Interface award of 2009, has just launched a new great dead simple 2Do application for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Earlier on, at AC , I started blogging about  Squeezer (Update: Squeezer, the stunning iPhone apps, developed by  Naser AL Zahrani along with Bandar ) but did not have the time to fully review all their Isalmic and other non religious apps. These apps include Groups, Callway, Faces, iPray, IQruan, iSubha, TeenNiner, iPerecent and iZakah. ( Later inshallah I will interview Bandar).

Thursday evening, Bandar Raffah, the amazing designer from the land of the two holly shrines and his partner Fahed Gilani from Pakistan who currently lives in the UK (who also owns Guidedways) announced their new iPhone app.
Bandar said in his blog post that the reason why he came up with the new 2Do application is simply because he was unhappy with the complexity of the current iPhone Todo apps. So instead of asking others to develop a new application, he decided along with Fahed to spend fourteen months of design, analysis and intense programming to come up with a new simple application named “2do”.
So as Bandar points out, simplicity is the main advantage of the app when compared to the other 300 Todo apps available in the iTtunes App store. In addition to simplicity, Bandar adds, that it can be used by anyone for any occasion; business, life, grocery shopping, etc.

Even though the app is simple to use, it also has many host features that makes it even more useful:

  • iCal and Apple mail sync.?2- Tabbed Calendar: grouping Todos under related calendar.?3- Drag and drop: you can rearrange tasks between different calendars by simply using your finger and dragging them up or down.
  • Synchronizing through WIFI connection between your iPhone and Mac and can be set up at auto-sync.
  • Notifications: push message with or without voice and email notifications.
  • Task sharing with other people via email where the receptionist gets the email and click on a link that will auto add the task to ones 2do app. So whenever any attribute changes or gets completed, it resends it back to the receptionist and its satuts will auto update the 2do app.

More about the feature set is at the app website.

2Do is now available in English, Arabic , German and French. The team behind it have plans to add more languages very soon. At a price of $5 only, you can purchase the app from iTunes app store here.

Bandar told ArabCrunch that his upcoming 2 apps will be Islamic.

Tip of the hat to Bandar and Fahed for proving once again you do not need funding to make it. ( by the way fahed means panther in Arabic 🙂

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  1. Sal  |  January 21st, 2010 at 4:42 PM #

    there a new iPhone Islamic app called wudhu’. This app teach us way to perform our wudhu’ before salat. It is fully animated using a cute lifely character called Aisyah. Let’s start learning .!

  2. khalid hasan  |  January 23rd, 2010 at 6:26 AM #

    assalamu alaikum

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