OpenX Online Advertising Marketplace Officially Launched in Beta.

16 Apr, 2009

OpenX, the world’s largest open-source ad server for web publishers, has launched today OpenX Market which is an e-Bay like ad auction marketplace that connect publishers and advertisers, the marketplace has been available in Alpha for a while, and it seems that it is ready to be rolled up.

 Publishers can route any or all of their ad impressions into the OpenX Market through tools now completely integrated into OpenX Ad Server. Publishers define a minimum “floor” price for their ad impressions. OpenX Market then runs a real-time auction for each impression. If the winning bid from the auction is higher than the publisher-set minimum price, the higher paying ad is served and the publisher makes more money. If the winning bid is less, the publisher’s original ad runs. The entire approach is designed to maximize publisher revenue with zero risk. Advertisers benefit by having a simple way to buy across the potentially enormous pool of primary inventory available from OpenX’s publisher base. At launch, OpenX Market already has a monthly run rate of more than one billion impressions.

Given that OpenX’s vast and growing publisher base of more than 150,000 websites flows more than 300 billion impressions through the company’s software monthly, the company believes that the potential to rapidly scale the Market is great. 

The company also announced OpenX Ad Server 2.8, a major new version of the company’s that provides integration of the ad server (SaaS, or self hosted) with OpenX Market.

Ad exchange marketplace is not new, they were open to big publisher through Right Media  and DoubleClick, built now with OpenX Market anyone like the mid-sized and smaller publishers (ArabCrunch uses the Hosted version of OpenX) can benefit to maximize their ad revenues, even by getting a higher price for their inventory or help them sell the unsold inventory. It is also open to all advertisers with many targeting capabilities, though there is no Do-it-your-self  option for advertisers as they have to contact OpenX directly.

OpenX Ad Server products are translated into 25 languages including Arabic. Below is a video that explains OpenX Market:

An Intro to OpenX Market from OpenX Limited on Vimeo.

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