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2 Jan, 2009

Go3 is a Canadian startup that has been developing online games since 2007 and has  grown to include more than 6 games and a number of other online properties in the gaming industry.

Go3 games are mostly browser based games, however Go3 is also expanding into the 3D MMO game market, with Mechtek and other games yet to be announced.

Explaining Online Gaming Sohaib Thiab of Go3 said: “Online gaming is a new era of technology in the modern world. It’s a mechanism of connecting people together in a game play purely for entertainment. There are great and large diversity of games that are available on the internet today. It is a form of game that is basically played in the computer connected through the internet”

He added that “The advantage of online gaming is that it has the ability to connect diversity of player as well as single players at the same time. The increase in popularity of online gaming has resulted in increase of overall expansion of computer networks and increase to the growth of the internet access and activities. It can range from simple to very complex graphic based games that are in the virtual world co-operated by many players all together. Online games are connecting people together and that is why is a form of social activity which is also beyond the single player factor. One of the most interesting parts is that you can enjoy a diversity of games that you want. It actually depends on you that what game is interesting for you and at what level. This makes internet gaming the most used and interesting games of all times. With access to internet then we have the potential to connect to most of the online games that are available free on the internet.”

GO3 games include Mafia Corruption and Hitmans Life among others, the company has recently acquired 60% of a game called Fallen 2020. “Fallen 2020 is a thrilling, addictive online game. Fallen 2020 scifi post apocalyptic MMORPG, developed by Go3 Media. There are two roles that can be chosen in this role playing game. You can play either a Survivor or a Raider trying to keep yourself and your companions alive within the hellish post apocalyptic wasteland. Unlike other online games, fallen 2020 has great graphics and a very impressive game play”

Speaking about the benefits of online gaming,  Sohaib Thiab said, “There are a diversity of internet games that include car racing, chess, scrabble, board games, arcades, and many more. Among the benefits of online gaming is that the complexity and structure of most of them make people learn vital skill that actually prepare them for the future working force. Fallen 2020 is one such game. That’s why Go3 Media has acquired a 60% share of fallen2020.”

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