Farewell Fadi: An Entrepreneur We Will Never Forget.

31 Jan, 2009

Fadi Francis Dababneh the founder and CEO SouqElArab.com ( a social shopping e-commerce website) was a smart and motivated entrepreneur. I met him once before I started ArabCrunch and told him about my plans for it, we discussed different plans to take SouqElArab to the next level, but he told me he lacked funding to do that.

I have suggested few ideas to him, in order to drive SouqElArab growth and sales such as creating a smart widget for books and items that SouqElArab sells, so web site owners and bloggers can embedded it in to their blogs or websites, the widget would suggested contextual books and items related to each post, and SouqElArab would share revenues with the blogs and websites that are part of this widget network.

ArabCrunch has been following SouqElArab and published few of its stories. We will continue to follow SouqElArab and we ask the people who mange it now, to keep sending us their news and updates.

Fadi has been very passionate about his startups, he was treating it as his baby and he even stopped his day job as an academic lecturer at the German-Jordanian University to focus on SouqElArab. I used to chat with him over the Internet every once and while and get to know his news and what is happening with SouqEl Arab.

Fadi like any Arab entrepreneur had a hard time getting VC funding, he asked me once to publish a guest post about his experience with a Jordanian VC, a very negative post, but he backed off at the last minute.

Fadi had an MBA in e-commerce from UK, while there, he founded a user generated magazine. In Jordan he was Project Manager of AdabWaFan.com and Business Development Manager and founder of Fast company a printing company.

As I am writing this post few tears dropped from my eyes, I feel so touched since I know Fadi and he is like us very much involved in the Arab entrepreneurs’ community. This makes me think how death can be close to anyone of us, what remains when we die is our deeds and work in this life which Allah SWT will judge.

We will miss you Fadi, my deepest condolences to his wife family and everyone. He is a deep lose to us here too, in the Arab starup community.

Fadi favorit qoute on Facebook was :

“Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” Cyril Connolly.

Good bye Fadi :(.

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  1. Walid Al-Saqaf  |  January 31st, 2009 at 11:12 PM #

    That’s a terrible loss. What a sad development! May his soul rest in peace for he has been a source of motivation for many Arab entrepreneurs and I wish his projects will continue to prosper.

    My sympathies go to his family and colleagues…

    Walid Al-Saqaf

  2. Tariq Abubaker  |  February 1st, 2009 at 12:58 PM #

    Also this is one of his favorite quote “As Far Away As Possible, As Disappointed As Ever”

    My God Bless Your Soul My Friend…

    Tariq Abubaker

  3. Mohammad B. Irshid  |  February 1st, 2009 at 8:58 PM #

    I don’t have any word to describe what i feels now.
    But i wish his soul to rest in peace.
    SouqElArab must continue fadi’s way.
    Rahemaho allah

  4. abdul yamiin  |  February 2nd, 2009 at 5:53 AM #

    what happened to him? Sorry, i don’t know coz you don’t mention it here ..
    regardless of that, deep condolences for his family & friends 🙁

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