ArabCrunch On the Most Famous Ultra Geek Site: SlashDot

14 Jan, 2009

While I was about to go sleep Saturday, I witnessed unusual traffic on AC, at a closer look most traffic was coming from Slashdot. ArabCrunch was experiencing Slashdot Effect, or has been Slashdotted.

I remember knowing about Slashdot since the late 90s, back then I remember most of Slashdot visitors used to be very anti-Microsoft. I also remember about 8 years ago the site used to run Anti Bill Gates and anti-MS ads.

Slashdot started according to their website on in September of 97. Today the site serves millions of pages to hundreds of thousands of readers.   

Slashdot is the web destination that pioneered community generated content, now it’s owned by SourceForge the popular holder of media and e-commerce web sites that connect millions of “influential technology professionals and enthusiast”s each day .

All the content on Slashdot is user generated and revolves around technology issues such as Apple, Games, Linux, and Mobile. Posts get to the homepage after editorial approval, which what sparked Digg founder Kevin Rose to start Digg, as a technology web destination that features content submitted by users, and instead of having an editor, the crowd votes and decide what goes to the front page. Later Digg evolved into all content type Web 2.0 hub, from tech to politics and lifestyle and from text to pics and videos. Today Digg is visited by over 22 million visitors, if your website gets Dugg, you will experience the Digg Effect which is much larger than Slashdot Effect, meaning millions will converge to your website. (Please keep digging all AC posts ans slahdotting them :P)

The post that was SlashDotted was “Aljazeera Labs Beta Launched Crowdsourced Mapping Mashup For The War On Gaza” Thanks to Aljazeera for innovating the “Mapping the War on Gaza”  which is a helpful tool in a crises time. The article on SlashDot that linked to AC was” Gaza Debate Goes Virtual.”

Because of that post was Slashdoted we managed to forward nice traffic to Aljazeera Gaza map Mashaup site. Which works inline with ArabCrunch mission: help Arab tech entrepreneurs and innovators evolve and get noticed at a regional and a global scale.

Thank you Aljazeera Labs, Arab startups and innovators who help AC succeed, without you, we cannot be here without you, and with AC, we will try our best to make you reach new heights. And thanks to AC readers for their encouragement, and for providing us with great tips we would not know about. (Please keep tipping us)

Next week by the well of God, we have new things to launch at AC, in which we will only share initially with our close friends, stay tuned.

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  1. Ahmad  |  January 14th, 2009 at 3:19 AM #

    Mabrook, Congratulations, its great to hear, but I’m sincerely not surprised, when I read your article, I was on the bus coming home from work, and I thought to myself, ok, we have reached that level of thoughtful well organized content can be found in the Arab world.
    Great work, hope to see even more in the future. You have been ‘RSS ToolBar’ed 😀

  2. Gaith Saqer  |  January 14th, 2009 at 3:38 AM #

    thank you Ahmad 🙂

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