OpenX Achieved Significant Growth, With Clear Business Model

18 Dec, 2008

OpenX Technologies, has announced that the company has experienced significant growth across its various product lines and in the size of its publisher community. As of December 2008, more than 300 billion ad impressions now run through OpenX’s open source software monthly. In addition, the company’s recently launched OpenX Hosted (Saas Version of OpenX) product has already achieved a more than 1 billion monthly ad impression run rate and generated 2,500 new publisher sign-ups, while the newest version of its core OpenX Ad Server has more than 10,000 active downloads and has achieved a 25 billion monthly ad impression run rate. The company also announced that the OpenX community now has more than 35,000 total publishers, a 25% year-to-date increase, and those publishers power more than 150,000 websites across the Internet.

OpenX  growth is attributed to offering a customizable and free to use open source software that is easy to use by anyone, an ad serving solution that provides publishers with the ability to take control of their ads and maximize their ad revenue and relevance.

OpenX Hosted Adaption:

Since the October 2008 launch of OpenX Hosted, the new product has enjoyed massive adoption. In only six weeks, Hosted has generated more than 2,500 new sign-ups. The product has already seen a monthly run rate of more than 1 billion ad impressions. Week over week growth of the number of impressions flowing through OpenX Hosted is more than 100%.
OpenX Hosted, which contains the same popular software found in the OpenX Ad Server, allows publishers to use the software to operate all aspects of ad serving while OpenX provides all the hardware and back-end infrastructure, leaving publishers free to focus on maximizing their advertising revenues. The product’s rich feature-set enables publishers to manage their advertising campaigns across multiple direct advertisers and ad networks, prioritize and optimize their campaigns, and use sophisticated targeting tools.

OpenX Ad Server Growth:

In August 2008, OpenX announced the launch of version 2.6, a major update to its core, downloadable ad server. Since that launch, growth in usage of the new version has exploded with more than 25 billion ad impressions running monthly through the more than 10,000 publishers now actively running version 2.6.
The new release contains dozens of new features requested by the OpenX community, including a new application programming interface (API), a dashboard and a faster ad tag.

OpenX Community Expansion:

The OpenX community has continued its global expansion with a 25% year-to-date increase. The community’s more than 35,000 total publishers power more than 150,000 websites across the Internet. Using the company’s software in either its Hosted or downloadable version, OpenX publishers generate more than 300 billion ad impressions monthly. OpenX products are now used in more than 100 countries and are translated into twenty-five languages – with Arabic being one of them-by community contributors.

The main competitor is google Ad Manager Tim Cadogan CEO of OpenX told ReadWriteWeb There are 3 main differences:
1)    OpenX is an independent, neutral provider, it does not aim to leverage Adsense .
2)    OpenX is open source and “infinitely customizable”.
3)    Very feature rich” compared to other ad servers – and not just Google’s

New Business model

In conjunction with its release of new products, OpenX has developed four new revenue streams.

•     First, the company began to provide professional services to its publishers in October 2008.
•     Second, OpenX now offers three new premium support packages with a variety of installation, upgrade and training services and are primarily targeted at large and medium publishers who use the company’s popular ad server.
•    Third, enterprise level publishers can upgrade their accounts at any time to premium Hosted packages that include additional ad impressions, support resources, service level agreements and customized solutions developed by OpenX to meet their specific needs.
•    Fourth, the company has begun a pilot of OpenX Market, a new monetization platform designed to connect the company’s vast publisher community and their rich inventory to a wide array of advertisers, helping everyone in the OpenX ecosystem monetize in new and better ways.

OpenX was an evolution from PHPAdsNow, then renamed to OpenAds, in which I tested locally around 3 years ago, and since they received a multimillion dollar funding from Accel Partners, Index Ventures and O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, the re-branded to OpenX.
The company is based in Pasadena, California, with offices in London and Poznan, Poland.

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