Adhere the First Open Source Mobile Advertising Platform

23 Dec, 2008

Yesterday I visited Citex Software’s ( the company behind Adhere) office office in Cairo Egypt, met its founder and CEO Hussein F. Salama also met with Citex team. We spent  many hours talking about Adhere, mobile advertising and starups in the Arab word. He also displayed to me Adhere and showed me a
demo of how it works. This post profiles in general Adhere, As you can get better insight of the Platform when Citex Software demo Adhere during ArabCrunch DEMO next February.

Adhere the free open source mobile advertising platform which consists of a suite of software products that serve the needs of the mobile advertising industry.

Adhere beta was released recently, its core is the free open-source Adhere Ad Server. The platform also includes the Adhere User Profiles Server which is key to Adhere’s ad targeting capabilities. Adhere Ad Server is built on the popular open source ad server, OpenX.

OpenX and Citex Software are currently working together to build a group of community members, to help push forward mobile functionality as this blog post by OpenX mentioned.

In Adhere, the server works in similar way to OpenX ( which I am test currently)  for example advertiser may have multiple campaigns. Each campaign may consist of multiple ads. Adhere supports a variety of ad formats to serve different mobile advertising channels. Campaigns and ads may be targeted in order to be more effective.

For example, SMS advertising: both text and pics ads can be embedded inside person-to-person SMS or server-generated SMS. MMS advertising: pics, audio and video. Mobile web advertising: banners with stats. Advertising in audio calls such as inside voice mail and ring tones: this work for example when you receive a call, the ring tone plays an ad. The server offers also Advertising in video calls, idle screen advertising … etc.

Adhere Ad Server presents a comprehensive set of ad targeting and selection criteria. These criteria include: Time of day, Day of week, Ad language: English and Arabic currently supported, Maximum ad size, Recipient’s mobile number or number prefix, Recipient’s age, Recipient’s gender, Recipient’s purchasing power, Recipient’s location, Recipient’s handset type, Keywords describing the recipient’s interests.

Adhere offers more mobile advertising control to the advertiser, the publisher and the mobile operator, for example each campaign has a budget, specified as the number of impressions to be served. In addition, the advertiser may specify a daily limit on the impressions served for a campaign.

Citex Software was founded in early 2007. Adhere is Citex Software’s first product. The company specializes in custom software development and has clients from USA  and the UK.

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  1. arjen  |  December 23rd, 2008 at 8:24 PM #

    was that post in English?

  2. Gaith Saqer  |  December 24th, 2008 at 12:34 AM #

    sorry dude it was early morning I did not sleep well 😛

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