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24 Oct, 2008

UPDATE: see Editor’s note bellow.

I have received from Delphine Eddé the founder of Wikeez an email answering my questions and giving more insight into Wikeez:

Who are we ?
An online community for fans !
As you said it  in your article we’re a social entertainment site, it defines it very well !

Wether your are fan of a movie, an actor, a football club … you can share your passion on Wikeez  with other fans and find all the latest information you need

Wikeez is a platform that will allow crowd sourcing via blogs, discussions and comments from members. We want to focus more on quick and personal post , not only text but also videos and photos.
Every member can discuss with other, create its own group of fan, vote, comment, create a blog or add post from an existing blog, and even add a celebrity/ movie/tv shows … if he finds enough fans to support him !  etc
Wikeez will give the user every feature and functionality to help him be an even more active fan.

Wikeez is an arab world dedicated web site : today we feel there are not enough sites focusing on arabic stars or football players for example, and we don’t want to be in a content dominated by Hollywood stories.

It is by default in arabic, with an English version available.

The business model is based on advertising revenues only.

Our difference:
It is close to digg in regards to the voting system for contents, and the possibility for blogger to highlight their contents.
It is close to facebook in the creation of groups.
It is unique as it is linked to users passions centered around (on) movies, celebrities, tv shows, music and football (more sports will be added later)

Our target
Middle Eastern Young Adults, 20-35 years old

The Launch
Our launch strategy is in 2 steps

First: use social media to diffuse the information for the alpha and béta versions. We had 235 friends in facebook in less than one week, and 70 in Flickr …
We are planning to launch the Alpha version in 3 weeks, it will be on invitation only – and of course you’ll be one of the first to get one!!

Second: Go to general public when we have a full web site (full in terms of content, (whether) from journalists or members). There will be media promotion.
The general public launch is planned for January.

The Founders
Delphine Eddé ,33 years old (female).
Work experience: in France for 11 years in advertising, web strategy (DDB) and online media (CondéNet) .

We are today 5 in our team, planning to be 8 in 2 weeks and around 12 in two months.

Editor’s note:

The most famous Arab Sports destinations are Kooora and Maktoob’s Sport4Ever ( aL Rihad Lil Abad)

Kooora (which means a ball and Arabic) has the most comprehensive sports information, locally regional and Internationally, TV schedule, and a forum with 4810 members, and it is ranked 255 on Alexa, making it the most visited sports website in the Arab world. Koora’s content is produced in house.

While Sport4Ever has less visitors but it has web 2.0 features where users can upload and share videos and photos related to sports and commenting on different content, plus posting sport news and features (citizen journalism for sports), while editors do add most of the content they chose which of the users content goes to the front page. Sport4Ever has also a forum but with 509 members only (even though it emerged from being a popular Arabic sports forum and then was acquired by maktoob and changed to today’s shape). It has more things than Kooora such as: Dream teams, Casual games for different types of sports, and SMS subscription.

Though Kooora is more famous because it was one of being the first in the market, and the depth and comprehension of its sports content but the site design is not old fashioned.

So there are an established competitors in the sports category who miss Wikeez in a number of features: Aggregation, voting, groups, and social networking, but who in turn offer timely news and other features that Wikeez does not have yet.

Though the concept of users building a fan group, where the celebrity that gets the most traction, is unique way in determining the most famous celebrity, mine would be Zain Eden Zedan :P.

As for TV shows and movies I do not know any such service if you know please let us know in your comment.

It would be rather interesting see how Wikeez actually will work out, I Think for TV shows that silly Turkish show Muhand and Noor will be in top.

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    good luck

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