Living to Al–Kindi’s Heritage,Kindisoft: Securing Your Rich Internet Applications & Protecting Your IP

6 Oct, 2008

Do you know Al-Kindi (also known as Alkindus)  (Arabic: أبو يوسف يعقوب إبن إسحاق الكندي )? most probably not. He was a 9th century pioneer in cryptanalysis  and cryptology, he also devised new methods of breaking ciphers, including the frequency analysis method. Using his mathematical and medical expertise, he  also developed a scale to allow doctors to quantify the potency of their medication. Al-Kindi  is one of many Muslim scientists that  represent a 1000 years era of bright ages for the united Islamic Khilapha state an era that is branded as the dark ages of Europe, or Mid Evil age.

As with scientist during the Islamic civilization peak Alkindi was specialized in many streams of science, where  he was also an Islamic philosopher, scientist, astrologer, astronomer, cosmologist, chemist, logician, mathematician, musician, physician, physicist, psychologist, and meteorologist. To read more about him go here.

Living to his legend a Jordanian startup branded themselves with his name: meet Kindisoft.

Kindisoft works in the lines that Kindi has pioneered, but dealing with modern age Rich Internet Applications (RIA) problems: security and IP.

Kindisoft provides software products to protect the developers intellectual property (IP) and strengthen the security of Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

The current two software solutions are secureSWf and JCipher.

As a software developers, you would have spent a lot of time and hard work to develop an application, you want to prevents illegal redistribution, and hide security vulnerabilities of your RIA, you would also love to decreases size and increase the performance of your app and enhance your application’s source code security.

Kindsoft’s secureSWF does all that and acts like a “watchdog” of your asset protecting your SWF files from decompilers. where according to Kindisoft today, there are more than 22 Flash decompilers exist, that abusers can utilizes to view your ActionScript source code.

secureSWF version 3.0  which was released by Kindisoft last August, is a sophisticated obfuscation, protection and encryption solution for Adobe’s Flash and Flex ActionScript. Version 3.1 will support Adobe AIR and is due to launch soon.

The software comes in three editions, and is cross platform supporting Windows, Mac and Linux. Here is the comparison charts for three editions of secureSWF. You can also get fully functional Demo of SecureSWF here, where it only shows a visible watermark that says “protected by secureSWF” on protected SWF files.

As for JavaScritpt protection Kindisoft offers JCipher  a a JavaScript obfuscation and optimization tool, it reduces JavaScript code size, and makes it much harder to understand and reverse engineer your JavaScript code. JCipher is still in early beta testing stage, the latest version is available for download here. The name JCipher is dervied from Cipher is orginate from (Middle French as cifre and Medieval Latin as cifra, from the Arabic sifr = zero) click here to read the full Wikipedia entry.

Kindisoft is venture backed  by Riyada Ventures and is currenlty profitable. It has been founded by Ammar Mardawi back in 2005 when Ammar was still in a student at Princess Sumaya University for Technology. The company which is based in Amman, Jordan won in 2006 The First Arab Universities Technology Business Plan Competition organized by ASTF and Intel Corporation, and The Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition (QRNEC)

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