MoSecure & DAEM Interactive Launches Innovative Non-Intrusive Mobile Advertising

11 Sep, 2008

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  The Mobile ad solution will enable people to retrieve information instantly on their mobile  phone simple by taking a photo of a SmartCode™.

SmartCode™, is a colourful, high-tech advance over the familiar black and white barcode or QR Code as it is popularly known. A SmartCode™ can be as simple as a logo of a company in full color with encoded data which can be decoded by pointing a camera phone to it.

A user needs only to point the camera on his/her mobile phone at a SmartCode™ icon, and use KliK M which decodes the photo.  To use Kilk M, it has to be installed on the mobile phone, and it can be used on any mobile phone that has a camera or PDA. Kilk M the free award-winning software reads and deciphers the SmartCode™ and triggers the sending of data back to the device.

 Satyan Nair, Director – New Media, MoSecure believes  that SmartCode™ will openup bigtime, marketing and communication opportunities in the region.

MoSecure. has signed an exclusive agreement with DAEM Interactive the company which holds the rights to this patented technology, to become its master distributor and licensee in the Middle East. This agreement comes after a couple of months when Mosecure’s launched 4 other mobile marketing solutions.

Satyan mentions some examples of how Klik M and SmartCode can be used:

For example, a department store may have a SmartCode™ printed in an advertisement. Any reader who wants more information or pictures or even a video of other items not shown in the ad has only to Klik M and these will be transmitted within seconds to his mobile phone.

Or a visitor to a multiplex cinema hall needs to only Klik M on the movie poster and he will receive the trailer on his phone even before entering the cinema. The possibilities are endless.

With this solution users can immediately access a wide range of possibilities and be rewarded for paying attention to advertisements.

Rohan F. Britto, Digital Media Evangelist MoSecure says that SmartCode can be used anywhere:

This unique technology permits a user to Klik M from more than five meters’ away (depending on your camera) — and at low resolution — which means they can be on Signboards – ‘SmartSignboards’, Posters – ‘SmartPosters’, Billboards – ‘SmartBillboards’, Lamp posts – ‘SmartLampposts’, Bus panels – ‘SmartBuspanels’ and whatever outdoor media one can think of. Users can actually now begin to interact with a brand in a non intrusive way (always a pull service). I can get all excited just talking about this remarkable fusion of print and mobile phone technology.

Satyan comments how this will be mainstream:

A direct interaction is established between the user and the world around him, easily accessing multimedia content by using real world advertisements as hyperlinks. Our aim is to make it a part of life in high-tech UAE. Over time, we want these codes to be everywhere, in newspapers, on T-shirts, signage’s, name cards, birthday cakes, and so on and Klik M will become as natural as breathing,

MoSecure will provide free download of the decoding software to users’ phones, via SMS, WAP or the Internet, and will also work closely with telecommunication companies and mobile phone manufacturers to ensure that new models will come with the software pre-installed. 

DAEM solution is different from all other QR and existing codes is that its code is actually the logo of the company which is most familiar to users and sacred to brands, according to Ignacio Mondine, Co-Founder at DAEM Interactive in Spain. He added:

There is also no limit on the amount of information the code can offer since it is linked to a server, which is where the data resides. This makes it a great medium for interactive content, audience participation and user tracking, enabling publications and advertisers to connect, inform and interact with their users.

Rohan further, says:

With this revolutionary technology we are set to connect with the growing number of mobile users and define a whole new generation of social and cultural behaviour, ultimately providing them with an enhanced mobile experience that helps them enjoy great deals while on the go. SmartCode™ will be the next cultural icon of the modern world. We have also enabled DAEM to arabise the reader and so we will be launching a bi-lingual English-Arabic reader in our region.

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