HydePark: Social Networking + Digg Group Blogging Platform

21 Sep, 2008

 Current Arabic based SaaS blogging platforms are even homegrown such as Maktoob Blogs , Jeeran Blogs , and Albawaba Blogs. Or International platforms like WordPress.com and Blogger (from Google) .  While they all offer similar features -AC will review them later-, HydePark has a different approach, in which it wants to take Arabic blogging to a know level with group blogging mixed with and social networking and Digg like features.

The aim of HydePark According to Mohammed Said Hjiouij founder of HydePark, is to bring more relationships between bloggers through group blogging  in an open blog platform, and to facilitate group blogging in common topics.

Hjiouij adds that HydePark  also aims to

Simplify the Blogging process, so there won’t be any complicated steps. To start blogging all what the user has to do is to enter his name and password, and use an intuitive User Interface (UI).

HydePark will be beta launched on the 1st of next October, where  Hjiouij will work in adding more features before the full  launch. The platform will be initially available in Arabic only, other languages will be added later.

The Social networking features that will be found on HydePark are:  A profile for each blogger, that contains the user’s info, his/her blog posts, and the Wall where other users can leave comments. Also bloggers can add friends and message each others.

HydePark’s  Digg Like functionality will allow readers to vote up and down each post, which also can be tagged and categorized.

Viewing the content can be according to votes, publishing date and categories, while new comments can be tracked in a separate page.

Each blogger has his/her own control panel, to publish his/her blog posts, message other bloggers, monitor comments and so on.

It would be interesting to see how HydePark will evolve, as Forums are more popular in the Arab world than Blogging, HydePark brings features from both, in which I think will be suitable for the Arabic Internet user.

HydePark is based on Morocco, where Hjiouij is based, it has been bootstrapped by him , and he is also planning for a bigger project in the near future.

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  1. م.س. احجيوج » هايد بارك - العد التنازلي (محدث)  |  September 21st, 2008 at 8:46 PM #

    […] HydePark Social Networking + Digg Group Blogging Platform […]

  2. Ayman Khateeb  |  September 22nd, 2008 at 3:19 PM #


    this surely seems interesting, as the forums indeed are much more spreaded, but it lacks many of the flexibility and features that (in my idea) will eventualy lead to its death.

    i’m afraid that the efforts in the new HydePark is a response to the new “social” Buzz in the internet, in fact, it seems really interesting to bring the strength of several social and web 2.0 ideas together (forums-like discussions, blogging, ratings, sharing, connections… etc), and how they actually complement each other!

    social networking sites (such facebook) made a strong move and attempt to bring web2.0 into social networks, and they became very successful and strong, to the level that people don’t need to use other sites, everything is there, twitting, blogging, connecting, discussing, sharing… etc etc.

    However, the competetion is very high in that area, sites want to bring as much people as they can, and users are lost between tens of websites and services that the like to use.. and eventually, people are overwhilmed with hundreds of sites claiming the same features.

    so, to compete with all of these existing services and sites, u need to bring something new, innovative, and easy to adopt… maybe this thing is an easy navagation, maybe a totally new feature.

    HydePark seems promising, i hope it becomes a success.

  3. Gaith Saqer  |  September 22nd, 2008 at 10:24 PM #

    Thank you Ayman for your nice comment.

    HydePark concept is kinda unique i think , and is an evolution for Arab Community online.

    The group blogging concept is smiler to Citizen Journalism, and the way they intend to go with it takes interactivity to a knew level. i actually had this idea few years before and was going to do it.

    Having a Digg like functionality enable users to filter best posts which is an added value. and unlike digg clones to the Arab world, the content is produced by the users of HydePark.

    HydePark features are like what a Russian startup called Profy is doing.

    They for example mix blogging with Social networking features like HydePark. look what TechCrunch said about that:

    “It is this social aspect that could help to distinguish Profy, if enough people bother to sign up. Right now, blogs are already social in that any reader can leave a comment on a post. But imagine if you could search for any blogger or commenter and send that person a private message, or check out that persons public feed to see what they are reading. It seems like a natural evolution, bringing the worlds of blogging and social networking closer together.”



    Bringing social networking to Blogging adds value it gives more interactivity and allow readers to communicate with each other, just recently Blogger added blog followers, Facebook now is testing FB connect. Google has Friend connect.

  4. Wikeez receive seed investment of USD $250,000 from Kuv Capital. | ArabCrunch  |  October 22nd, 2008 at 4:54 PM #

    […] answer to my email from Wikazz team,) Though the site looks like a mixture of social/median. dwwen, HydePark plus facebook but for […]

  5. megamega  |  October 23rd, 2008 at 11:33 AM #

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