Feedoor Burns FeedBurner in a Number of New Features?

4 Aug, 2008

If you used feeds before like RSS or ATOM, whether for reading or for burning your feed, you most probably used FeedBurner , well Feedoor wants to change that.

Feedoor (Which AC reviewed before ) is not just another FeedBurner, though both are Free to use, Feedoor  differentiate it self with many features, mainly merging many feeds in one feed, but with some of the recent Feedoor’s launched featuers that diffrentioasion has deepned. (Disclosure Feedoor is ArabCrunch Sponsor).

With Feedoor you can open one feed item or merge many feeds in one, and when you do that, you get the main feature FeedBurner offers for a single feed only: Feed stats, such as Subscribers and Feed Referrals.
Feeds opening (or burning) in Feedoor can be in different formats (RSS, ATOM, RDF), you can also add single items such as image/video/audio to your existing feed , moreover you can create Podcasts, or publish media channels by adding random items such as videos, photos and audio. (The last two features I have not tried.)

The recent  Feedoor “burning”  new features, make mixing your feeds or opening one feed more useful to you and to your readers:

Feed Filtering: This feature allow you to show or block posts if the following filtering rules are met or not: Title, Description, or Author. For example you can use author filter if it happens that you write in many blogs, and you wana show only the feeds that are authored by you and offer it to your family, friends and readers.
Another case if you wana merge all your personal feeds: like facebook profile feeds, Twitter feeds, tumbler feeds, blog feeds or any other feed you have, and you wana block a certain keyword from the world, then feed Filtering is the way to do it.

Feed Analyzing: Based on AideRSS API Feedoor ‘s Analyz lets you display your feeds based on good post, great posts, best posts, or by post rank from 1 to 10 (10 being the most popular posts) Plus you can chose items numbers from 1 to 30 (AideRSS API allows only 30 items for each feed.)

AideRSS PostRank measures different ways that readers engage with a post. The ranking is based on how many times a particular post has been linked to, voted up on Digg, commented on, Twittered about, bookmarked on del.icio.us, or activity on Ma.gnolia and Pownce. It also takes into account how many times a post has been viewed and clicked on in feed readers like AideRSS and Google Reader that take advantage of the API PostRank. (To know more about AideRSS API click here and here )

Feedoor is planning to integrate with AideRSS social engagement API once it is launched, which would give a better metrics for identifying posts popularity in a deeper way. (For more info click here )

Dynamic feed is another great feature that it is designed for large news sites, portals, social media and any website that has many feeds. This feature allows those sites to add feeds dynamically and instantly with feedoor, without the need to enter each feed alone which would be impossible with sites that have thousands or millions of feeds, like a dynamic feed for each member.
Why to use Dynamic feed with Feedoor, Mahmoud Ahmed Mehyar the founder of Feedoor explains:

Now your members’ feed is not really stylish, it doesn’t give you much
information about how many hits, subscribers, and visitors they receive, so
you want to let Feedoor to manage these feeds for you.

He added:

So you want to let Feedoor to manage these feeds for you, REALLY simple, you
don’t have to submit each feed separately, all you need to do is login your
Feedoor admin area, select “Dynamic Feed” from the drop down menu and
submit the following rewrite URL address


That’s it, now all your members feeds are managed by Feedoor, you just call

and it will request

you call

and it will request

Just that simple, and now you can manage your dynamic once and affect all
your members feeds, for example you can change your dynamic feed theme and
it will be changed for all your members.

To see an example of Dynamic feed user see Questler the informal social learning startup from Jordan.

If you currently use FeedBurner to burn your feeds, and hesitant to move to Feedoor, since all your current feed subscribers use your FeedBurner feed, no problem, Feedoor has developed integration tool that allows you to manage FeedBurner feed directly inside Feedoor account and visa-versa , so you can enjoy all the services offered by both, at the same time.

Dynamic Feed and the integration tool features were launched before the launch of Filtering and Analyzing features. They were part of Feedoor recent launch of Version 2.0, which I should have wrote about before, but I guess I was lazy : (

But I will highlight some of the most important Features of Feedoor 2.0
In Mahmoud words:

Spreading the word about your feed is the most important thing, putting this in mind, we developed new tools to help you doing that, such as adding new checklists and buttons, developing a banner rotator for your posts, adding new branding feature where you can brand your feed with your own domain name.

You can Add small widgets, which Feedoor call them Publishing Tools: : Javascript, Banner/Images, Flash Media Player which can display your feeds according to the options you chose, like headlines only and number of word of each item description.

These publishing tools are useful and a must to help publishers to spread the word about their content, which FeedBurner already has them too , but it would be more helpful if Feedoor add embedding option to these tools, so the sites/blogs visitors can copy and insert them anywhere in the web.

Other publishing options include: Branding and RSS Auto Discovery. Branding feature allows you to show your feed in your own domain not from Feedoor subdomains, which would also be used with Dynamic feed. While RSS Auto Discovery makes it possible for browsers and other software to automatically find a site’s RSS feed..

The other missing developments with Feedoor I did not report about was the launch of Feedoor APIs:

Feed API: Enables developers to pull their hosted feed content and items in both “JSON or XML” format, so you can build your own application on top of Feedoor Feed API.

Subscribers API: Offers detailed report about your feed subscribers in either “JSON” or “XML” format.

New themes API: You can design your own theme just like the popular wordpress themes, and you can also post your theme in Feedoor database so other members can use it.

Feed Doors & Widgets API: developers can add small boxes that stick at the bottom of each item of your feed to improve readers interaction with your feed items..

You can see a catalog of application built using Feedoor API here.

There are two missing features that I am looking for Feedoor to add: Each feed item stat, and the ability to display in AJAX style inside the feed each Item’s (post) comments and at the same time add my own, that will also show at the main website/blog.

Would you use Feedoor or FeedBurner and why?

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