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30 Jun, 2008

Sharekna Logo

Launched by Albawaba the Middle Eastern Portal, Sharekna is another free Arabic-English video and photo sharing website.

Sahrekna competes with a score of regional players such as: iKbis, Maktoob’s Clipat , Maktoob’s Zoom,  and

The service allows users to store photos and videos up to 500 MB, and upload a maximum file size of 10 MB. According to the website FAQs. But on my dashboard it showed that my total available space is 1000MB? I do not know if this bug or if they forgot to update their FAQs.

Photo types allowed to upload are:Jpg, png, bmp, while video formats are: .MPG, .AVI, .QT, .MOV, .MPEG, .ASX, .MP4, .3GP, .FL.

When uploading photos and videos you can tag them and assign them to a category, or add them to an already created album.

One of the things I expected to find and was missing is the ability to add albums while you are uploading.

The website is still in version 0.1, so for now it only provides the basics. Here is the list of some of the missing important features:

• The ability to set the privacy to photos and videos, such as viewable by me only, friends or public.

• Other aspects of social networking features such as: Full profiles, the ability to add people, friends grouping, and sharing privacy within each group of friends, friend’s activity feeds. However the site allows you to send messages to other members.

• Groups: Where users can create  communities based on specific topic or interest. (Maktoob’s Zoom has this feature but not its Clipat.)

RSS feeds of every thing from the most popular, each category and each tag, to user’s feed. Adding feeds will help users stay updated with their favorite content without visiting the site every time -A basic web 2.0 feature-. I recommend them to use, to open, mix, edit and track their feeds. (Disclosure Feedoor is our sponsor)

• Bookmarking of videos and photos, with sharing and privacy options.

• Rating videos and photos besides the commenting feature currently offered.

• Embedding option to any web site or blog: This would increase traffic to the website.

• Adding Ajax to things like: Upload, messaging and so on. This will improve usability.

• Adding tags cloud to the homepage. I founded it on a single photo or video page but not on the homepage.

Other basic features not found: About us page, and no link to the Sharekna’s blog on the footer or the header of the site. homepage

Most of the missing features are already available on Maktoob clipat, iKbis and

I tried to search for any differentiation to the other regional players, but I did not find any.

According to Skarekna’s FAQ:

What makes Sharekna special?
We are proud to serve users in the Arab world and beyond. Our service is available in Arabic and English and we pay extra attention to content and community safety. You can always trust that Sharekna will be a safe, friendly, and fun place to host your pictures and videos and to connect with new friends.

But that thing is promised with all it competitor, and some of the most viewed photos are of women in bikinis, so where is the special community safety in  Sharekna?

Sharekna design is not cranky to the eye, but it does not have the feel of the modern Web 2.0 design. Their regional competitors have done much better job on that end.

Sharekna traffic rank on  32,885, which is close to iKbis 29,555, and much lower to its parent Albawaba, and D1G, while Albawaba’s rank is head to head with D1G.  But all of them disappear when compared to Maktoob’s ranking.

Sharkena Alexa rating comparied to D1g ikbis and Albawaba

Albawaba’s traffic rank is ( 9,206 ) They were founded around the year 2000 before the dotcom bubble bust -almost the same time as Maktoob was founded and raised its first round of funding, and when Arabia Online the former Arab portal got around USD 26 million of funding- as a an Arabic/English portal offering things such as news, forums, web based email, and web guide. And a business site for the Middle East and North Africa region, called

Albawaba was the first in the region to add a blogging platform, but they were slow in adding and building other new services.

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  1. alkappyEasesty  |  December 28th, 2008 at 5:28 PM #

    dxukuszkxmqrjflewell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

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