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3 Jun, 2008

Feedoor, is one of the interesting and innovative, Jordanian based startups, founded by Mahmoud Ahmed Mehyar.

Feedoor is your door to feed management world, it is a one place where you can manage all your feeds, and unlike other feed services, Feedoor lets you add, mix, edit, blend many feeds in one feed, through an easy to use interface.

To those who do not know what a feed is; it is a data format used for providing users with frequently updated content from different sites. Content distributors syndicate a web feed, thereby allowing users to subscribe to their updates which are delivered automatically, via startup pages like Netvibes, news readers like Google reader, or email.

Feeds has many benefits on top of them, is that you do not have to check your favorite websites via the browser (pull) to get updated content. All you have to do is add the feed link to a feed reader and read all the feeds (websites content update) which are pushed to you. -Subscribe to ArabCrunch feed here-

The Feedoor’s ability of mixing feeds is a great added-value for feed publishers and feed readers.

Now a days publishers of websites and blogs has many feed categories, and with the spread of web 2.0 they have even more feeds, from social networks such facebook, to twitter feeds, and Youtube or iKbis feeds. So instead of offering their readers each feed a different URL, Feedoor lets them mix all or some of their feeds in on url, or each feed item in on link.

And that is the main differentiation that Feedoor has compared to other feed service providers such as Feedburner – Feedburner was acquired by Google last year-.

Some of the other benefits for websites and blogs of having their feeds managed in feed service provides such as Feedoor is that it saves them money through saving band width costs.

Feedoor provide feed (openers) with the option to customize their feeds like the feeds theme and options, plus the ability to track feeds’ stat such as subscriptions and hits. Also it provides the publisher’s readers an option to subscribe to the feed with major feed readers and startup pages such as iGoogle and Pageflakes.

Soon feed openers on Feedoor will be able to monetize their feeds, through placed Ads on the feeds with to be launched Feedoor advertising platform.

According to Mahmoud this model ” allow –Feedoor- members to sell ads within their feed’s posts and Feedoor gets a very tiny share of their profits.”

My advice in this regard is to offer 3 way advertising options to the feed owners and Feedoor would share the revenues with them:

The first would be inserting Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads from services such as Google AdSense. The second: providing an advertising market place by Feedoor, where the advertisers will directly place and pay for the ad on any feed, after choosing the targeting options, such as geo-targeting, topic, and so on. And Third one would be the ability for publishers to insert the ads of their own advertisers to their feed.

All of these options should have real time reporting features with stats such as: impressions and clicks. So advertisers will know how their campaigns are doing.

Some of my other advice would to provide integration with major blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, Myspace. So users can automatically place their feed links and button to their blogs without the need to copy and past the code.

One of the other interesting things in Feedoor, is that it takes any language formats, so it would be logical for Feedoor to add major international languages such as Arabic, Latin languages, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean to their interface.

If this happen they could offer integration to even more major blog platforms in the regional such as MaktoobBlogs, Jeeran and Albawaba blogs.

Feedoor is the coming days will launch an interesting new features which will be fully UTF, meaning it will support all languages.

Some of the new features will be:

1- New API for developers

2- New themes API: Where every one can design his/her own theme just like popular wordpress themes. Also they can also post their themes in Feedoor’s database so other members can use it.

3- New Widgets API: Themes can be dynamic and widgets will be added as users want just like wordpress widgets too

4- Static and Dynamic Doors API: based on Feedburner Feedflare

5- Banner title rotator: Helps feed openers to design their own banner with their headlines the way they like.

6- Backend performance enhancement: According to Mahoumd “The new version will have many new features some are visible to the users and some are behind the scene, such as moving some parts of Feedoor code to work under mod_perl instead of mod_cgi which enhance the performance.” Mahmoud is an example of a self made man, a model for Arab youth, he studied Agriculture in Jordan University, but because he has passion for computing he learned Perl by him self, and started another company before Feedoor which is FullyBiz, that offers online shopping carts and Automation business tools (We Will review FullyBiz soon.)

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