Watwet Twitter For Arabia But With MMS

12 May, 2008

Watwet was launched to the public about a 2 months ago After being for a while in privet beta.

The services is similar to twitter, it lets you to send your status update to your friends and receive their updates, via web, email and SMS. Unlike Twitter, on WatWet you can send and receive photos to and from your friends via web and MMS. And the service is available in both Arabic and English. (You can find my profile here.)

How you can use it:

1-For example you want to update your friends about your where about, you just send your wawet via SMS to a predefined number provided by wawet or via the web and all your friends receive your update, on web and SMS if they have activated their mobile number on wawet’s website and wish to follow your updates.

2- You take a cool photo and want to instantly share it with your friends, all you have to do is send it to a predefined number provided by Watwet from your mobile, or via the web and all your friends receive the update instantly via MMS and the web.

At this stage The SMS and MMS service is available in Jordan only and to those who have Zain mobile numbers only, but the web services is available worldwide, and soon Watwet will be available in more countries according to their FAQ.

Think that WatWet chose Zain,  because it is the most popular mobile operator in Jordan, with more than 1.4 million subscribers.

So instead of paying the cost of every SMS and MMS you want to send to each friend, you only pay the cost of one SMS or MMS and all your friends receive your update for free. On the other hand if you update from the web your cost is zero.

One of the neat things I liked about Watwet is that it automatically shorten any URL you enter when you submit your status, so you do not have to go to tinyurl, insert your URL, copy/past your tinyurl and then go to twitter to post it.

Unlike Twitter which has public timeline -status updates- from its’ users, the public updates on Wawet is available only at the front page for non singed in members, you can not see them when you sign in unless they are coming from your friends. I think they did that in order to encourage users to invite and network with their current real world friends, instead of hocking up with new people. But I advice them to enable public wawets, to helps users -like me- to promote their posts! And get answers to questions from the community.

How it can be improved:

Well I will give the idea of a project I had in mind few years ago but I did not implement it – the developers who signed the NDAs know a bet about it. –(Note to the people who signed the NDA, it is still valid and you can not use or share its’ content with other, especially the other aspects not mentioned here 🙂 – 🙂

The basic idea is to make the service location aware, and that requires developing a mobile application that detects the location of the user, or use special SMS tags to check in location.

So once the user sends a photo from his/her mobile it detects his/her location and adds it to the photo properties. Also when sending from the web the user can check-in to the location that matches his/her current one, and the location’s photo is tagged with the location. The same applies to Status updates and videos, sine Watwet is part of  iToot copr,  the services should be also integrated with the other iToot Property: Ikbis.com thus providing photos web and SMS geo-location status updates and social networking, these thing are being implemented now partly by an American startup called BrightKite – to get a better understanding read my next post (How brigthtKite could evolve to web 3.0.)

One other thing they probably know is to open watwet’s API to third party developers so they can to build applications on top of wawet, which would add more value to its users, and would helo wawet  become a defacto standard in the Arab world.

Lastly you can have your own Watwet or Twitter by buying a software that costs a few hundred bucks.  but it is not just the idea, it is execution.

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